Books by "Aundrea Singer" (4)


Gabe Navarro, Künstler aus Toronto, verbringt die meiste Zeit mit Tätowieren und seinem Masterstudium. Er ist sich seiner Überzeugung und künstlerischen Integrität völlig sicher und naiv genug, zu glauben, dass er niemals einen Kompromiss eingehen muss – bis der Irakveteran Jake MacLean in seinem Tattoostudio aufkreuzt.

Wütend und mit dem Schuldbewusstsein des Überlebenden ist Jake in einem Teufelskreis gefangen, der ihn zwingt, für Sünden zu büßen, die er sich selbst niemals wird vergeben können. Verzweifelt versucht er, sein Leben wieder in den Griff zu bekommen, und zieht zunächst zu seiner Schwester nach Toronto. Niemals hätte er erwartet, dort Gabes Charme zu verfallen.

Obwohl Jakes beharrliches Schweigen über seine Zeit im Irak Gabe frustriert, glaubt er lieber Jakes Beteuerungen, es ginge ihm gut, als der Wahrheit ins Gesicht zu sehen. Doch schnell wird klar, dass Jake seine Panikattacken nicht kontrollieren kann, und dass sich sein Zustand verschlimmert. Jake steuert geradewegs auf den Abgrund zu – und läuft Gefahr, Gabe mit sich zu ziehen, wenn dieser es nicht schafft, ihm im Kampf gegen seine Dämonen beizustehen.


Twenty-year-old Tarquin is smart, tactless, and braver than he knows. He’s also been Mage of the Realm of Kelor for two years, taking the title from his mother after she died protecting Kelor from a terrible threat.

While on a quest to heal his dying brother, Tarquin is attacked by a horrific, flesh-eating monster. He’s saved by an enigmatic and mute young soldier, cursed with a terrifying form that conceals the heart of a knight. There’s an almost instant attraction between the two men, but no time to explore it. The monster’s attack is the harbinger of a new invasion.

With Kelor helpless, the realm’s only hope lies with Tarquin. As Mage of the Realm, he alone can sacrifice himself, the way his mother did, in exchange for unimaginably powerful magic. He’s prepared to give up his life to defeat the coming evil, but before the battle is over, he’ll be faced not just with his own death, but the death of everyone he cares about.

Including the monster he’s come to love.


Aiden Lobo is a graduate student in a world where magic, gods, and demons are part of everyday life. After a terrible betrayal, he is cursed with a Crack in his heart, turning him into a living doorway for an ancient demon of war to come to Earth and kill millions. Aiden is rescued by his guardian angel, who seals the Crack with his own Light. As a servant of the divine, the nameless angel was supposed to kill Aiden to prevent the growing cataclysm inside him. But he loves Aiden too much to end his life, even to save the world.

Aiden falls for his guardian and names him Eskandar, but then learns to his horror that because Eskandar was created for him, when Aiden dies Eskandar will too. Aiden will do anything to keep his beloved angel safe. But with no choice except to sacrifice himself to prevent the apocalypse, he only has one option: a terrible betrayal of his own.


Toronto artist Gabriel Navarro splits his time between slinging ink and working on his master’s degree. He’s sure of his beliefs and his artistic integrity and naïve enough to think he’ll never compromise—until Iraq war veteran Jake MacLean shows up in his tattoo parlor.

Overcome with anger and survivor’s guilt, Jake is locked in a struggle to atone for sins he’s sure will never be forgiven. Desperate to get his life back on track and with nowhere else to go, he moves in with his sister in Toronto. He doesn't expect to fall for Gabe.

Though Jake’s refusal to talk about what happened in Iraq frustrates Gabe, accepting Jake’s claims that he's “fine” is easier than dealing with the truth. But pretty soon it’s clear Jake can’t control his panic attacks, and his condition is worsening. If Gabe can’t help him face his demons, Jake is headed for a crash—and there’s every chance he’ll take Gabriel down with him.