Parker Foye

Parker Foye writes speculative-flavored romance under the QUILTBAG umbrella and believes in happily ever after, although sometimes their characters make achieving this difficult.

An education in Classics has nurtured a love of literature, swords, monsters, and beautiful people doing stupid things while wearing only scraps of leather. Classics also made Parker good with dead languages but terrible with geography and politics after 300CE. (Parker is rubbish at pub quizzes.)

Parker is usually plotting either a story or a new experience, and has most recently tackled the ukulele, sword-fighting, and husky mushing; Parker hopes to eventually figure out how to combine the three—and add kissing bits—without anyone getting injured in the process.


Currently based in north-east UK, Parker travels on a regular basis via planes, trains, and an ever-growing library. Parker is much shorter and less British in person.