Allan Jay

Allan is an unashamed romantic with a belief that if love isn't as silly as it is scary then you're doing it wrong. He writes about men falling in love; the romance, the scary emotions and the occasional silly moments that go with it. Having returned to Glasgow after 20 years away he is rediscovering the city of his misspent youth and marvelling at how much some things change and how little others do - seriously, it should be illegal to bump into ex-boyfriends after so long. He can often be found wandering around the city, exploring its galleries, theatres, cinemas, bookshops and streets - anywhere there’s a story being told. He is also rediscovering how the city got its nickname of 'rain town' and buying umbrellas for every occasion. Allan spends his days working in the charity sector and his nights on Twitter trying to avoid writing the people, and their stories, that force themselves upon him. Usually the fictional people win out over the real ones. If you see him on Twitter tell him to put down the coffee and go write some more. Having written in secret for over 20 years he thought it was finally time to out himself and start sharing the stories that matter to him. He also blogs weekly about his passion for LGBT musicians and their music.