Sengtdavanh Kinnavong

Sengtdavanh Kinnavong, aka just Seng, is a teenager who lives on the dangerous continent of Australia, where insects and spiders roam freely, and no one is safe. She is the only child of two loving parents, making her an awfully spoiled brat. Her friends never fail to remind her of that fact, but she’s fairly certain that they adore her as much as she does them. An introverted vampire, she hisses at the very sight of light and spends majority of the day hiding in the darkness of the lounge room.

Other than stories, her passions range from movies and musicals to games, and she can become obsessed very easily—her most current obsession involves a game focusing on assassins and parkour. Often told that she stresses too much, which is a very sad truth, Seng finds comfort in immersing herself in stories, whether she’s reading or writing them. She spends more time nitpicking and researching for her stories than she does writing them, but once she starts, it’s impossible to stop her!