Mattye Johnson

Mattye Johnson, or “pathetic mime” if you are talking to her mother at any point after that one time she got laryngitis, spends most of her time either writing or attempting to convince large animals not to kill her. Those animals being horses. She’s fifteen, and the most recent dumb thing she did was put a chip bag in the microwave to shrink it. Her mother was in complete support of this, and the microwave miraculously survived.

She lives in Idaho and resents that people seem to call it the potato state instead of the gem state as she has seen one too many potatoes in her lifetime and not nearly enough gems.

If you qualify pets as animals who have been in the house, she has two: Amber, a miniature horse, and Oscar/Barney/Garfield/Whatever-His-Name-Is, a cute yellow cat. Besides Amber, she has four horses, whose names are Link, Smoke, Aspen, and Arwen.