Morgan Cair

Morgan Cair is a young author on the run from university in the UK who likes French Bulldogs, kissy girls and boys, and watching cooking and crime tv shows on the internet (although, not all at the same time). She likes beading crafts, interior decorating (badly), and writing to do lists she'll never follow through on because it’s relaxing. Her laptop is her partner in crime, and it connects her to the outside world because she lives in in the world’s tiniest town. Her favorite kinds of stories to write are emotionally complicated and delve deep into character growth and development. Short stories are a new found passion for her; she likes the challenge of cramming all those rollercoaster-ing feelings into under ten thousand words, and still have it make sense. Mostly. Morgan likes to mix it up and focus on the small elements of a day that are rich with potential—tiny moments are always the most interesting to her. She likes to write about friends, family, and lovers to probe all different kinds of angles when approaching writing. She likes happy endings, sweet moments, and plenty of heart-warming goodness to make a story feel good.