Laura Beaird

Laura Beaird has always felt out of it. She has never been able to quite fit in and it feels to her as if she is always messing something up. She started writing at a young age because speaking never seemed to work out right and at least with a pen and paper she could consider her words carefully. She feels like that’s where her writing style came from. She feels that the interesting parts of life are disguised in plain words so we never recognize the big things for what they are. At least, that’s how she feels about her life. In high school, she joined theater where she finally figured out what confidence is. She wants to stay in theater in some capacity for the rest of her life, whether through writing awkward plays or actually performing in awkward plays. The only awards she remembers winning are from theater and that one award from 4th grade because she was one of the top readers. She knows it was a silly prize, but she still has the little plaque on her wall in her bedroom like it’s some sort of lifetime achievement. She’s cool like that. Oh, and she loves making really sugary, bad-for-you food like cupcakes and cookies. She has no regrets. If you’d like to hear more about Laura’s life and weirdness, you can find her on Facebook and Twitter.