Zhara Freytes

Zhara Freytes is a Florida native who loves to sit and watch every drama series on TV while watching her three-year-old nephew throw things across the room for fun. She’s a nanny, dedicated to the growth of her nieces and nephews who she loves more than anything in the world. When she’s not being a super aunt or a couch potato, she’s working out or driving to the nearest Taco Bell to undo everything she just did in the gym.

Her writing passion began when she was eleven years old, writing about rainbows and unicorns and relationships that are perfect and last forever until she realized life was a little harder than that, thus turning her into a ball of angst that cannot be tamed. Her favorite things to do are waste money collecting things she really doesn’t need, playing games on her phone while ignoring the rest of the world, watching oiled-up half-naked men wrestle each other for the sake of entertainment, and staying up so late that she has to retrace her steps to see which episode of Grey’s Anatomy she was on because Netflix decided to stop her unconscious viewing pleasure.

Her mom is her savior and biggest fan in the world. She is the youngest of six, along with her twin brother, following two older sisters and two older brothers. She’s also pretty obsessed with listening to the same songs until they become so annoying that she ultimately deletes them from her phone and doesn’t think about them for the next two years.