Rider Jacobs

Born and raised in a small town with no stoplight I used books to escape the dull small town life. It wasn't long before my love for the written word became a love of storytelling which was encouraged by my parents. I was introduced to the MM genre by friends and I haven't looked back since. I still live in the small town but have upgraded to several stoplights. My mother took me to the library at a young age and had me read to her as she did housework or cooked supper. Our favorites where the spooky ones which still hold a strong interest for me today. I developed a love of syfy and fantasy as I grew older and wanted to be just like the authors of my favorite books. My writing was kept mostly to myself until my best friend read a few of the stories, smoothed them out and sent them in. The rest is writing history. I now live in the middle flat states with my three cats Shadow, Midnight and Maggie.