Laura Swogger

Hi, I'm Laura. Laura Swogger is currently a senior in high school, who has been writing for as long as she can remember. She joined a writing website while in middle school, where her original intentions were to read fanfictions about her favorite bands, but she quickly found inspiration to write longer pieces of fiction herself which, much to her surprise, quickly grew popular. Her writing became constant her freshmen year, when she auditioned for a performing arts school as a literary arts major, and was accepted. Said school was how she found that her passion not only lies in fiction, but also poetry, journalism, screen writing and one act plays, and that her life is not interesting enough to start writing creative non-fiction pieces about quite yet, but can fake it well by finding interesting topics to write about that include more riff than moments. It’s also where she accidently set high expectations for her writing by impressing her teachers with her determination, humor, creative thinking and willingness to listen to critiques, and drive to write, and do it quite a bit. She was even given the responsibility and honor to run the school newspaper’s YouTube channel with her long time best friend. She lives with her mother, father, younger sister Megan, and her three cats, Jacob, Eddie and Queen Bella, in a small town in Pennsylvania. She spends her time going on walks with her mom in the park, swinging, cuddling her reluctant and very annoyed cats, teasing her sister, playing her Pokémon games way too much, and watching a ridiculous amount of pointless YouTube videos. She also spends an almost unhealthy amount of time listening to music, scrolling through Tumblr, pacing, and daydreaming (most of the time, she’s even doing it all at once!).