Irene Grant

Irene Grant is sixteen years old, born and raised in Northern Ontario, Canada. She’s been homeschooled most of her life, but recently experienced a couple of years of school in grades nine and ten. She has since gone back to homeschooling so she could pursue her first love—dance. Irene is a very creative person who loves expressing herself through art. Besides dancing every chance she gets, she loves to write, draw, and paint. She started dancing when she was just three years old and has been dancing ever since. Irene joined Earthdancers when she was nine. Earthdancers is a student-run, nonprofit organization that puts on a performance once a year to raise money for environmental groups like Friends of the Earth, VETAC, The Junction Creek Stewardship Committee, and Wild at Heart. Irene hopes to take her dance all the way. She would love to go to Toronto Dance Theatre to study dance.

Irene is also a self-diagnosed geek. She loves to watch TV shows, movies, play video games, and read books and fanfiction. The list of fandoms is way too long to go into here. Music is very important to Irene, whether she’s playing the violin, guitar, piano, singing, or just listening to music. She has a very eclectic style and will listen to almost any genre. She also has one brother (who is often a nuisance), but she loves him very much. Another thing she loves is cats. She currently doesn’t have any but tolerates her mom’s dog.