Isabelle Rowan


A black cat for a witch may be a cliché, but add a whole bunch of tribal tattoos and an intolerance to garlic (seriously), and you have Isabelle Rowan.

Having moved to Australia from the North East of England as a small child, Isabelle now lives in a seaside suburb of Melbourne where she teaches film making and English. She is a movie addict who spends far too much money on traveling… but then again, life is to be lived. Writing was something I always did for fun - then life got in the way. Writing became essays and reports rather than the simple joy of letting a muse guide your pencil. Stories were the stuff of daydreams. Luckily (for me) I read something on line and thought - I wonder if I can do that? As simple as that! I'm not saying writing comes easily because there are times when I have no clue what I'm doing. But I believe it allowed me to get closer to the person I need to be. I'm slow, I procrastinate, and can be very frustrating, but it's only because I care.