Hannah Thompson

Hannah Thompson has the mind of a scientist, which meant she was supposed to get a job doing “sciency things” or work in an office doing “educated things.” So she got a degree and spent several gray years living from holiday to holiday. Then she realized that she wasn’t supposed to do anything. She moved to the mountains, and now her office meetings take place on chair lifts. When there’s no snow, she writes and travels and tries to explain to people that it’s okay to be different. Hannah Thompson has the mind of a scientist and the heart of an artist. She gained a degree in physical geography and most of a master’s in climate change, and then decided that office-based work really wasn’t for her. She can be found most winters in the mountains; she isn’t particularly fussy where, so long as there is snow. Norway has her in its beautiful clutches at the moment. In the summer she comes back down to sea level, usually somewhere in the UK, because otherwise her family complain that they never see her. Hannah will write whatever takes her fancy, but young adult adventure was her first literary love and is something she always comes back to. At school she was told she wasn’t very good at English—she recently found some of her old work and realized that mostly she wasn’t very good at spelling. She wrote anyway, because she liked it and because science makes the world beautiful but it isn’t very good at telling stories. Eventually, spell-checkers endlessly underlining her work made a few things sink in. Now it’s only the ridiculous words that catch her out. When even the computer gets confused, she calls her sister, who has the mind of a journalist, which is much more useful in their chosen professions. Hannah has a blog that she updates with writing-related interests over on Tumblr, and an Instagram where she posts pictures of things she finds beautiful. Tumblr: http://hannahthompsonauthor.tumblr.com/ Instagram: https://instagram.com/han_t87/