Dennis Abrams

Dennis Abrams grew up in the small town of Paw Paw, Michigan, and currently lives in Houston, Texas, with his dog Junie B. (named after Junie B. Jones) and his cats, the overly large orange feline known as Fez, and the beautiful Russian Blue, Alexis.

He is the author of numerous biographies and history titles written for young adults on subjects including Eminem, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Judy Blume, Xerxes, and Kim Kardashian. He has also written a two-volume introduction to the plays of William Shakespeare, The Play’s the Thing, as well as a critically acclaimed fictional memoir of one of the real-life boy actors at Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, I Was Cleopatra.

When not reading, writing, and walking Junie B., Dennis loves working out, eating out, traveling around the world to places such as Mongolia, Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, Borneo (where he picked up one of his three tattoos) and Vietnam, where he dreams of someday living.

He also, as a change of pace from reading too much Shakespeare and the like, watches way too much Bravo TV.