Alana Ankh

Alana Ankh is a hopeless romantic. Once upon a time—no, not in the Stone Ages, but when Alana was a nosy teenager—she lived and breathed mainstream romance, but after she discovered m/m... Well, her fate was sealed. Hi there. If you somehow ended up in my tiny corner of the Internet, I imagine you must know who I am – but I’ll try to give you a little description anyway. God, I hate bios. Well, here goes. I’m Alana, and I write M/M. That’s GLBT romance for a more… elaborate term. I may or may not be a hopeless romantic. Who am I kidding? My site tagline is “because love is forever” – so hell yeah, I’m in love with love. I also think love can be painful, heartbreaking, but also fun, corny, and a little silly. Love is different for everyone and anyone – and in my books, I try to celebrate that. Oh, I guess here is where I mention that I love writing fantasy, sci-fi and paranormal. But, don’t let that bring you down. I assure you that even if my boys have scales, fur, claws, fangs – or whatever else occurs to me – they’re really very nice people. Most of the time. Well… Most of them are nice, but I assure you, all of them deserve love and a HEA. So I guess that settles it. I’m Alana Ankh, and I’m an addict – to happily-ever-afters and sexy, hot men. Join me on the dark side! We’ve got cookies!