Emmett McElroy is the cowboy horses hate. When his heir apparent brother dies and his father has a heart attack, he does his duty and steps up as head of the family ranch, but he wishes things were different and his life choices were his own. Just when he begins to get his legs under him, he arrives home to find his high school crush has been hired as ranch foreman.

Ex-rodeo cowboy Nathaniel Zachary desperately needs work. When Mrs. McElroy offers him a job while her husband recovers, he jumps at it. The only issue is Emmett… because Nathaniel has never been able to get his best friend’s brother out of his mind.

Tensions only increase when, after drowning his sorrows, Emmett foolishly agrees to enter a bucking bronc contest at the local rodeo. The attraction that grows as Nathaniel helps prepare Emmett for the contest is something neither of them expected, but as Emmett's father's health improves, the happiness they've built may break faster than a cowboy thrown from the meanest bronc.


The Chronicles of Lazarus

All of Satan's Sons | Book 1

A Dark Underworld Romance

Eden Zika does what he has to in order to survive and protect his orphaned half-siblings, unapologetically so. With a smart mouth, a quick wit, and a self-destructive streak that leads him into extreme risky behavior and addiction, he’s still managed to rise to the top of an underworld that eats most men alive. As the highest-grossing drug dealer on Denver’s south side, he’s attracted the attention of the Denver Narcotics unit. When he realizes he’s being tailed by a member of the DPD, instead of lying low till the heat dies down, he does what he always does: the exact opposite of what he should.

Ryan Quinn is a newly minted member of the Denver Police Department’s drug unit. Twelve years ago he lost his brother to drugs, and secretly riddled with guilt, he’s fought obsessively to eradicate them ever since. He’s puzzled when, after months of tailing low-level dope dealers, he’s assigned to be the lead targeting the biggest drug ring in town.

However unlikely, when the cop and the drug dealer meet, sparks fly, triggering a chain of events that forges an unlikely partnership that both men should, but neither man can resist. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as coincidence in this high-stakes game of cat and mouse, and when Ryan uncovers the real reason he’s been assigned to Eden’s case, a decade-old secret threatens their fragile relationship… and their lives.


The Face Man

Long Con Adventures

Torrance Grayson has forged a solid independent journalism career with help from his friend and mentor, Felix Salinger, and he's relished being the face of the Salinger crew, exposing the corruption of the powerful while keeping his friends safe in their anonymity. But being face to face with the worst in the world takes its toll, and when Tor has a moment of weakness, it's the Salingers who come to bail him out.

During his recovery, Tor makes friends with the household's confident, charismatic young chef, Marco. Their quiet conversations make Marco more and more reluctant to confront Tor on the grave mistake the man is about to make in his current exposé—a mistake that can harm Marco's loud, boisterous family irrecoverably.

Tor is more than willing to listen—and to correct any mistakes. He's seen graphic proof that he's not infallible, and he'll go to any lengths to avert tragedy. But as Tor works toward the truth of what's happening with Marco's family, Marco begins to develop deep suspicions about the people they both work for. Torrance Grayson is in deep with the Salingers, and Marco isn't sure he should know any more than necessary about people who seem to be great bosses but shady citizens.

In order to help Marco, Tor needs to trust him—and that means to trust him with the truth of the Salinger Crew, as well as with his heart. But in a world of capers and crimefighting, trust, it appears, is worth more than gold and jewels. Tor can expose crime and injustice with impunity, but can he expose his heart to Marco, a man who desperately wants in?


Elf Shot

Monster Dads

Special Illustrated Edition

 All Conri wanted was to drop his kid off at Changeling camp, find the nearest halfway nice hotel, and enjoy a week of uncomplicated debauchery. It should be simple. It doesn’t work out that way. When a local girl disappears, the neighborhood quickly lays blame at the well-guarded gates of the camp. With his son incriminated, a mystery to solve, and a malevolent pocket of the Otherworld to navigate, Conri will need all the help he can get—even if it does come from a distractingly pretty, tightly wound Iron Door agent who doesn’t trust Conri to be on the right side.  

Previously released as part of the anthology Bad, Dad, and Dangerous by Dreamspinner Press, October 2020


In Plain Sight

Second Sight | Book Two

Detective Gary Mitchell and psychic Dan Porter are now investigating cold cases that are literally falling from the sky—a headless body in 2006 and a carpenter who fell from a roof two years ago.

The first case leads them into dangerous territory. The second feels like a dead end.

But what if they’re connected?

Gary has a lot of balls in the air—his work, his new relationship with Dan, his personal quest to discover more about his brother’s murder…. And the more he looks into these two cases, the more convoluted the path becomes.

Everyone is hiding something, and some people would do anything to make sure Gary and Dan don't uncover the truth. 

Dangerous territory indeed. 


Monster Hall Pass

Monster Dads

Special Illustrated Edition

White-collar dad Hugh Whitby dotes on his adopted daughter, but she’s away at camp. Now it's time let the vampiric urges he so tightly controls run wild and take advantage of his monster hall pass to feed on criminals. But when fae prince Rykoff of Harlow interrupts Hugh feeding, he catches Hugh’s daughter’s scent and vows to avenge the fae youngling he believes Hugh has captured. Hugh had no idea his daughter wasn’t human, and it rocks the foundation of his world. He must convince Rykoff that the fae youngling in question is safe with her vampire dad and can prosper in the mortal realm—or risk losing her forever.

Previously released as part of the anthology Bad, Dad, and Dangerous by Dreamspinner Press, October 2020



CharmD Saga | Book Three

It’s 2043, and software engineer Henry Bell is on the verge of a breakthrough. His virtual-reality dating simulator, Unity, is finally ready for beta testing. All he needs now is the right mage for the job.

Biomancer Elijah Johnstone is broke, his air conditioner has just given up the ghost, and it’s too hot to sleep. When Henry makes him a cash offer to try out his magic in Unity’s 3D landscape, he jumps at the chance, tries a simple spell… and ends up stuck in the computer simulation.

Trapped in a world of Henry’s design, Elijah must rely on Henry not only for human interaction, but for his lifeline to reality. They’re not supposed to be on a real date, but they need to free Elijah and save the program Henry has bet his future on. The thing is, once they perfect the program and pull Elijah out, Henry won’t need him anymore. After all, how can a love forged in a virtual world possibly be real?


Wolf at First Sight

Monster Dads

Special Illustrated Edition

SFPD Lieutenant Joseph Zanetti has spent years protecting his city, and from the looks of St. Connal’s Pub and its bad-boy owner, Levi Keller, the place is a hotspot for trouble and violence. Joe’s problem? Levi is delectably hot, with secrets Joe can’t wait to dig into. As a Peacekeeper for paranormals, wolf shifter Levi doesn’t need the complication of a hot cop sniffing around his pub when he’s just sent his teen son off to summer camp. He’s busy brokering a peace agreement between two warring factions. When Joe stumbles into Levi’s world, both plunge into a situation neither one of them was ready for—falling in love. 

Previously released as part of the anthology Bad, Dad, and Dangerous by Dreamspinner Press, October 2020


On Friday, Gabriel Reece gets struck by lightning while riding his motorcycle.

It’s not the worst thing that happens to him that week.

Gabe walks away from a smoldering pile of metal without a scratch—or any clothes, which seem to have been vaporized. And that’s weird, but he’s more worried about the sudden disappearance of his brother, Colin, who ditched town the second Gabe accidentally outed himself as gay.

Gabe tries to sift through fragmented memories of his crummy childhood for clues to his sudden invincibility, but he barely has time to think before people around town start turning up dead, and Colin is the cops’ number-one suspect. 

Gabe is sure Colin is innocent, but even he has to admit the evidence is compelling. Especially once the home he shares with Gabe burns to the ground. 

When Eli Samm, a mysterious and attractive stranger, shows up looking for Colin too, Gabe thinks he might finally have an ally. Except it turns out Eli thinks Colin is a supervillain, and his mission is to put him down….


Actor Tucker Crawford is having the worst summer ever. Thanks to a viral video of him trying to swim, he’s the laughingstock of Hollywood and his role in a hit TV series is in jeopardy. The only bright spot is Tucker’s sexy new swim coach, Reed Oliver, but even that has its problems—because Tucker is deep in the closet and has never been with a guy.

Reed Oliver is having the best summer ever. He’s just scored a high-paying freelance gig teaching a Hollywood actor how to swim. The two of them have the run of a deserted summer camp, complete with an Olympic-size swimming pool. But when cocky playboy Reed meets shy, virgin Tucker, sparks fly and Reed’s walk-in-the-park coaching job becomes a minefield of temptation. Once they kiss for the first time, there’s no way to overcome their mutual passion and no looking back. But after two weeks of secluded intimacy, can they keep their romance alive in the real world? 


Elam Vandreren arrives on Cabot’s Landing expecting to become the planet’s Resident and caretaker. Instead he finds himself investigating a grisly crime and uncovering even more disturbing secrets.

When Elam finds the prior Resident murdered, he thinks the Resident’s spouse did it. Sigurd van Dorstadt, the investigator from the transport ship Zuiderkruis, thinks Elam did it. They both think no one else is on the planet.

It turns out they’re both wrong—about everything.

Although Elam and Sigurd don’t like each other, they join forces with a team from Zuiderkruis to find the truth. The evidence soon points to unknown criminals hiding out in the ruins of an ancient military base—and they’re not the planet’s only other inhabitants.

When part of their team is taken hostage, Elam and Sigurd barely escape with their lives. To survive and rescue their friends, they must rely on each other and make an alliance with a secretive group called the Left Behind. But the more of Cabot’s Landing’s secrets they uncover and the more their feelings for each other grow, the more fraught their decisions become. With duty and honor at odds with their hearts, can Elam and Sigurd strike a balance they can live with?


Fire and Ermine

Carlisle Troopers | Book 3

When Prince Reynard escapes his gilded cage, he runs as fast as he can in search of a taste of freedom. Predictably, he gets pulled over.

State Trooper Fisher Bronson doesn’t know the handsome stranger in the rental car, but he does know the guy was driving way too fast. Still, Fisher takes to protect and serve seriously, so he helps Reynard find a hotel for the night.

Then the hotel catches fire.

Apparently Reynard hasn’t covered his tracks as well as he thought. But is it paparazzi on his tail, or someone much more deadly? Either way, when Fisher offers him a room for the night, he’s grateful for the refuge.

Reynard is generous and kind, but Fisher knows he’s hiding something. Finally Reynard confesses the truth: as prince of Veronia, his life is structured and ordered for him, but as Reynard, in Carlisle with Fisher, he has the freedom to become a person he actually likes. To Reynard's surprise, Fisher likes him back—not for his title, but for the man he is. But duty, family expectations, and whoever is after Reynard could spell the end of their relationship before they get past once upon a traffic stop.



CharmD Saga | Book Two

Be careful what you wish for….

When amateur footage of a mage performing a spell goes viral back home, American Pyromancer Blayze Martinez hops on a plane to London. If the world is about to discover the existence of magic, he wants to be as far from the epicenter of that nightmare as possible.

Shy, enormous hunk Dane Peterson can amplify others’ emotions, an ability that takes practice to control. Though he and Blayze come from different worlds, they hit it off. But their casual evening goes sideways when a shared wish at a mage party ends with each of them inside the other’s body—literally.

The body swap is one thing, but the magical skill swap is a potential disaster. While Dane and Blayze work out how to reverse the wish, they have to keep their powers under wraps or risk dooming all of magekind.


Oathsworn (2nd Ed.)

CharmD Saga | Book One

Former chef Jasper Wight has been magically ensnared in his apartment for over three months. Cabin fever doesn’t begin to cover it. All he can do to pass the time is indulge in his hobby—painting portraits of his neighbors. But once a handsome new man moves into a swanky nearby penthouse, Jasper is no longer content merely to watch. Following his gut, he reaches out through astral projection….

Finn Anderson is the CEO of a food app funded by his parents, but he struggles to believe in the dream. When a mysterious someone starts leaving messages on his mirror, he learns the world holds more possibilities than he ever imagined.

When a chance encounter brings Finn to Jasper’s door, the pair are soon as enamored with each other as Finn is of the magic he’s just discovering. But navigating a relationship that spans two worlds is only the tip of the iceberg. They still have to figure out how to free Jasper from his apartment, how to make Finn’s business into a success, and whether an outsider can be trusted with the secrets of the magical world. 


A Salt Bitter Sea

The Luck Mechanics | Book Two

Miller Aldrun has spent his life being Cassandra, the prophet nobody believes. Born knowing when a dangerous, armed presence is nearby, Miller has always been dismissed—and had to see the people he cares about hurt. Grieving the death of a closeted lover, he finds solace cruising the waterways of Spinner’s Drift, making sure the people in the outlying islands feel safe.

When Miller discovers the weekly gathering at The Magic of Books, its members become the family he didn’t know he could have. That includes Piers Constantine, who’s hiding on the islands with his cousin to elude her stalker.

Golden, kind, and humble, Piers finds Miller fascinating. But Piers is destined to leave the island, and even if he’s the only person who ever had faith in Miller, Miller can’t bear the thought of losing someone else he loves.

Then Miller wakes up with that familiar warning in his gut. The long-ago evil that has been stalking Piers and his cousin is catching up. Miller’s gift might be the only way to protect them… but he’ll have to let Piers in. Together, they plunge into one of the island’s oldest mysteries. For once, being Cassandra is on Miller’s side. Piers and Miller conceive a desperate plan to set them free from fear—but if Miller fails, he knows nothing will be left of him but the salt-bitter sea.


Sheriff Aaron George hat vor zehn Jahren seine Frau verloren. In der Hoffnung, dass es für seine Kinder besser wäre, in einer Kleinstadt aufzuwachsen, zog er nach Colton. Mittlerweile kennt er jeden in der Stadt, einschließlich Mr. Larkin, den quirligen, amüsanten Naturwissenschaftslehrer. Seit ‚Larx’ fast wider Willen zum Rektor der örtlichen Highschool befördert wurde, fehlt ihm die Zeit, die Leichtathletik-Mannschaft zu coachen, und er beginnt stattdessen mit dem Joggen. Aaron dachte bislang, dass sich sein restliches Leben nur noch um die Kinder drehen würde, aber ein Rektor, der mit nacktem Oberkörper an einer gefährlichen Straße entlang joggt, belehrt ihn eines Besseren.

Auch Larx lebt nur für seine Kinder und für die Schüler und Schülerinnen der Colton High. Aarons Interesse bemerkt er zuerst gar nicht. Dann fangen sie an, gemeinsam zu joggen, und er lernt den Polizeibeamten für seine Verlässlichkeit, seinen Humor und sein volles Verständnis für seine Prioritäten zu schätzen: Kinder an erster, Job an zweiter und die eigenen Interessen leider an allerletzter Stelle.

Schon nach einem Kuss fühlen sich die beiden Endvierziger wie verliebte Teenager, trotz der großen Verantwortung, die auf ihren Schultern lastet. Dann wird die aufkeimende Romanze von einem Gewaltverbrechen überschattet und die beiden Männer müssen verhindern, dass die kleine Stadt im Chaos versinkt. Als sich die Ereignisse zuspitzen, erkennen sie, dass es ihre neu zusammenwachsende Familie ist, die verhindert, dass ihre Welt aus den Fugen gerät.


Through the Flames

Carlisle Fire | Book 1

Kyle Wilson hasn’t had it easy. His insecurities and nasty home life made him lash out as a kid, and when he finally came out as gay, his family disowned him. Then, just when he’s pulled his life together and gotten his construction company running, he’s caught in a fire and forced to take costly time off.

When firefighter Hayden Walters rescues a man from a burning building, he’s just doing his job. He doesn’t expect it to turn his life upside-down, but the man is none other than Hayden’s high school bully.

He definitely doesn’t expect Kyle to come to the station to thank him in person.

With awkward apologies out of the way, Kyle and Hayden realize they have a lot in common. And when it turns out someone set the fire at Kyle’s construction site to target him, they find they can solve each other’s problems too: Hayden needs a place to stay while his apartment is renovated, and Kyle doesn’t want to be alone in case the firebug strikes again. Things between the two of them quickly heat up—but so does the arsonist’s agenda. Can they track down the would-be killer before it’s too late?


Feu et pluie

Les flics de Carlisle | Tome 3

Depuis la mort de leur mère, Josten Applewhite fait ce qu’il faut pour s’occuper de son petit frère et préserver la cohésion de leur petite famille. Mais, en un instant, un coup de malchance détruit le petit foyer qu’il a réussi à construire, et Jos et Isaac se retrouvent à la rue.

C’est là que l’agent Kip Rogers les trouve et, même s’il sait qu’il doit laisser les autorités compétentes s’occuper de la situation, il n’arrive pas à trouver le courage de les repousser, allant même jusqu’à les inviter à rester chez lui jusqu’à ce qu’ils se remettent sur pied. Avec l’aide de Kip et de ses amis, Jos commence à reconstruire sa vie. Mais l’expérience lui a appris que rien n’est gratuit, et la générosité semble trop belle pour être vraie, comme tout ce qui concerne Kip.

Kip a le béguin pour Jos et il aime la façon dont Jos et Isaac font de sa grande maison un foyer. Mais leur arrangement ne peut pas être permanent, pas avec Jos qui veut tracer son propre chemin. C’est alors que surgit un parent éloigné, déterminé à détruire la famille de Jos. Kip sait que Jos a besoin de lui, même s’il n’est pas prêt à l’admettre.