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La collection Dreamspun Desires est composée de romans romantiques contemporains, avec des héros réconfortants, des intrigues captivantes et des locations exotiques. Ces titres possèdent tous le genre de fin heureuse qui vous laisse avec un sourire satisfait pendant des jours.

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Five elements—earth, fire, water, air, and spirit—and five men touched by magic who are destined to change the world. Civilization as it once was has been gone for centuries. Church and state are no longer separate, and the church rules with an iron fist. It suppresses knowledge of mankind's violent past, while decimating anything it views as evil. People live in fear, but hope is not lost. A group of five men gifted with magical power, along with the mystical creatures who become their allies, have a chance to fulfill an ancient prophecy and bring magic back to the world of man—if they can elude the corruption within the church, a few who seek absolute power, and those who want to see them all dead.