Top 5 KDramas With Mary Calmes

Thursday April 20, 2017

In the last year, I gained a new addiction and it’s KDramas! Rhys Ford sent me a link to Drama Fever and I signed right up. My Top 5 favorite shows are:

  1. Goblin with Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook was all win from start to finish. The main character has a sword stuck in him that only his “bride” can see and if and when she pulls it out, he dies. I know but this is me, I don’t write anything that’s not an HEA so why ever would I watch something that wasn’t?
  2. Coffee Prince this is Gong Yoo again, this one is older, but I sighed all the way through it. It’s got the guy who again, thinks he’s in love with a boy BUT is really a girl. It was fun and sweet and the subplot with another couple is great too.
  3. Sungkyunkwan Scandal with Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In (they got an award for best bromance and made some really cute commercial together afterwards) has a nice mystery, has action and adventure AND true love. They are not the leads, the leads are in the same thing where he thinks she’s a boy but she’s not. The romance was great but I fell harder for the secondary characters and especially head-over-heels for Yoo Ah In which is why I’m watching Six Flying Dragons at the moment and have his movie, Like For Likes in my queue.
  4. Moonlight Drawn By Clouds which has my new best, favoritest actor ever in it, Bo Gum Park. He is funny, he is serious, he is…you’re gonna want to take him home and take care of him, I’m not even kidding. He’s a prince and he falls for his friend who’s a eunuch and is ready to be all in even before he finds out that he is really a she. I REALLY love this one and the prince’s best buddy is kickass. So is the prince. There’s a point where these guys throw axes at him and he swats them away with his sword. Yes, I know, I’m a big geek, but the action sequences aren’t cheesy, they’re awesome.
  5. Scarlet Heart Ryeo with Lee Joon Ki is the one Rhys Ford used to suck me in. Remember what I said before about Goblin and the HEAs?  Yeah well, this one is NOT an HEA so I’m telling you that right up front. It’s still amazing and I loved it and I cried…ugh. Now, they might make a season 2 and if they do then maybe it will all work out. But there’s time travel and a prince who wears a mask and a plucky heroine. So watch this one and then immediately go to Goblin or Moonlight and everything will be all right.