Parker’s and KC’s Top Five Favorite Characters

Thursday December 14, 2017



Okay, this may be cheating, but we’re actually going to take our top five favorite couples from books written by other authors. I think spreading the love is a good way to showcase some books you may not have read yet!

#1 – Parker: Sam Kage and Jory Keyes from A Matter of Time by Mary Calmes: First let me say, Mary has an incredible stable of characters that I have absolutely adored. If I’m honest, I had a hard time with these guys because for a while, I wanted to beat Sam Kage about the head and ears quite often. But he eventually redeemed himself and became exactly what Jory needed—a stable partner. Seeing them grow together was a hell of a ride. (Other characters I loved from Mary were Webb from Frog, Rand and Stef from Timing, and Noah and Dante from Again.)

KC: Totally. YES! I Loved Jory from the first time he appeared, and I loved seeing what he reduced Sam to on occasion. (snicker)


#2 – Parker: Olly Glenn and Joe Dexter from The Edge series by LM Somerton: What can I say about Olly? A more perfect brat I have never found. Despite his background—or maybe because of it—he desperately needs someone who will ground him in reality. That’s where Joe comes in. It’s easy to see how much Olly worships Joe, but the converse is true as well. Joe realizes how much Olly means to him, and he’ll do whatever he can to keep him healthy and safe. Sadly, Olly doesn’t always follow the script. (Other characters I loved from LM Somerton were Lucian and Benedict from Stroke Rate and Lysander Brock and Kyle Dawson from Picturing Lysander.)

KC: I need to get up to speed with these guys, obviously! All the books are sitting on my Kindle, waiting to be read.


#3 – Parker: Shane Tucker and Owen Bradford from Battle Buddy by Sjd Peterson: Egad, I have loved Owen and Tuck ever since I met Jo. They’re something very special to me, and I was so damn glad to make their acquaintance. They’re among the best of the best of the Rangers, and they’re totally in love with one another. They heat up the page with style and class and a healthy dose of humor (the painting scene still gets high marks from me!) and I hope that Jo visits these boys again.


#4 –  KC: Billy and Montana from Sean Michael’s Hammer series. They first appear in Found, then in Snared and Owned. I LOVE how Tanny blossoms, I love the man he becomes. Billy was perfect for him, and shows so much patience. My heart broke for Montana in Snared, and I was so pissed that Oliver could treat him so badly, even if he had good reason at the time. Billy reminds me a lot of Vic in An Unlocked Mind.


#5 – Okay, I know that this is something K.C. and I are doing together, but I would be remiss in talking about my newest favorite couple, David Lennon and Matt Thompson from her upcoming book BFF. This is based on a true story, of two lifelong friends who, by their own understanding, were both straight. Until they realized they were in love with one another, and then everything changed. I had the good fortune of reading this as she was working on it, and let me tell you, I fell hard for these two men.

KC: :blush:


So, there you have it. My top five couples from some of my favorite stories! If you haven’t read them yet, I hope you’ll take a chance on them.