August Li's Top 5 Ways to Recharge While Working

Thursday January 31, 2019


Hi everybody. It’s Gus Li, author of Nomad’s Dream, here today with my top five ways to recharge while working. During the course of writing this book and doing all the research I could to make sure it was as authentic as possible, I needed to get away from the computer now and then.


5. Draw. It helps me get a better sense of my characters and settings, and it’s good to use a different part of my brain.

4. Go for a walk on the beach. I’m lucky enough to live near the ocean, and nothing clears my mind like looking out over the waves and breathing in the sea air.

3. Cuddle with my cat, Wolf.

2. Listen to a podcast. I like true crime and paranormal.

1. Coffee, with or without some sort of baked good(s). Who am I kidding? It’s with.


What are your favorite ways to take a break and regroup before getting back to work?