Healing in His Wings

By Ariel Tachna

Healing in His Wings
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  • Release Date
  • Type Novellas
  • Pages 123
  • ISBN-13 978-1-61581-408-4
  • SKU 1787
  • File Formats epub, lit, pdf, prc, zip
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A Hot Cargo Story

When the Starfire is struck by a mysterious and deadly plague, the captain and crew have no choice but to throw themselves on the mercy of the healers of a nearby, uncharted planet. First Officer Ryan Nelson accompanies the sickest patients to the planet’s surface, where he is put under the supervision of Juo-ta-ri, an apprentice to one of the healers who is helping the crew. The two have barely begun to explore the chemistry between them when Ryan’s body betrays him and he falls ill as well. Now it’s a race against time to see if Juo can bring the fever down before Ryan’s hallucinations kill him.

2nd Edition
First Edition published in the Dreamspinner Press anthology Size Matters.

Cover Artist: Anne Cain


Genres Gay / Sci-Fi Romance