By Cold Moon's Night

By Amanda Meuwissen

By Cold Moon's Night
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  • Release Date
  • Type Novels
  • Words 65263
  • Pages 198
  • ISBN-13 978-1-64108-578-6

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Newborn vampire Ethan Lambert and Alpha werewolf Bashir Bain may have been an unlikely domestic couple ever since one of Bash’s prophecies brought them together, but destiny isn’t done with them yet.

With shifter culture shaken by the sudden surge of unknown vampires in their midst and attempted takeovers by werewolf purists, neighboring packs are already on edge. When ancient vampire Alexa steps out of the shadows to make her return to the top of the food chain—starting in Bash’s territory of Centrus City—the paranormal world teeters on the brink.
If they have any hope of stopping Alexa, they’ll have to do it before the last full moon of the year, and they’ll have to work carefully, because Alexa’s reach is long, and it’s impossible to know who to trust. To save their world and their relationship, Bash will have to find a way to show Ethan how he feels that leaves no room for doubt. Can they solve the riddles of their hearts and the ties that bind them before this latest prophecy spells their doom?  

Cover Artist: Kris Norris


Genres Gay / Paranormal Romance