Xara X. Xanakas

I write M/M Romances, mostly surrounding a group of shapeshifters called the Were Menagerie. Don't mind me. I like to watch. And add snark. Sometimes.

I decided years ago to embrace myr weirdness. A friend first described me that way to the man who’s been my husband for over twenty years. That formula fits me, and I figures if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Being Texan, my crush on cowboys comes natural, but the techie in me loves to show nerds a good time. I relish all things different and try to bring a saucy style to my writing. Whether wrangling a wayward ranch hand or adding another critter to my were-menagerie, I strive to make the outlandish appealing. Hopefilly, I’ll make you quirk a brow and snort with laughter, and that’s all right by me. I believe that unique is best and happily ever after is the icing on the cookies.