Jamie Lowe

I am a girl of many interests. Though the genre I write in is – almost exclusively – fantasy, I have different kinds of fantasy writing! Jamie Lowe is the pen name for a full-time student/part-time writer with plenty to say and only limited creative outlets. Though writing will always be her first love, Jamie’s career interest is in teaching college-level composition and creative writing courses, which she hopes to start with a TA position following the completion of her undergraduate degree in May 2012. Jamie loves to read, and her bookshelves are overflowing; she considers reading to be the only thing in the world better than writing. Other interests include music (particularly the French horn, which she fell in love with during high school band) and anything having to do with her historical idol, Alexander the Great. Jamie currently resides in Arkansas but is looking forward to making a world changing move to Seattle next fall, following a trip to Germany.