Closed! 2020 Summer Olympics: Open Call for Dreamspun Desires

Closed! 2020 Summer Olympics: Open Call for Dreamspun Desires
Tuesday April 30, 2019

4/30/19 Update

This call is now closed! Thank you to all who inquired!


2020 Summer Olympics: Open call for Dreamspun Desires stories

Dreamspinner Press is acquiring category-length gay romances (m/m, 50-60k) set at the  Summer Olympics.​ We are looking for stories to publish during the two months the games take place, to offer our readers a deeper look into the intensity, dedication, and heroic moments that define the stress-charged highs and lows of an Olympic athlete’s experience combined with the power of love. 

3/11/19 Update: Stories featuring these sports have been approved, and they are no longer eligible for new proposals. Check here often for changes!

  • climbing
  • gymnastics
  • triathlon



Basic Requirements

  • All stories must have primary romance plotlines.
  • All stories must meet the basic ​Dreamspun Desires House Line requirements​.
  • Be sure to check your story idea against our Dreamspun ​Content Guidelines​ and structure your proposal around the process outlined on the above requirements page, including a ​Character Profile GMC chart​ for each main character and a ​synopsis that outlines the full plot points​ of the story
  • All stories must be set during an Olympic Games. ​You can set your story in the 2020 location of Tokyo or choose your own host city. If you go with a different host city, it can be fictional or a real city—whatever location you are most comfortable writing in, as long as it is a believable Summer Olympics setting.
  • At least one hero must be a ​fictional​ Olympian competing in the Games during which the story takes place​. 

Desired Olympic elements

I'm primarily interested in the following story themes. High-profile summer sports such as:  

  • Platform diving and swimming 
  • Beach volleyball
  • Gymnastics
  • Rugby
  • Rowing

Other Olympic summer sports with potential (not exhaustive):

  • Track & field
  • Soccer (American) / Football (worldwide)
  • Equestrian
  • Archery
  • Skateboarding
  • Sailing
  • Pentathlon/Triathlon
  • Martial arts, boxing, and wrestling

You can match up two Olympians, or one Olympian with another (non-competitor) character. Feel free to focus on athletes from any attending country, keeping in mind that the character’s culture should be portrayed as authentically as is reasonably possible (doesn’t have to be an #OwnVoice but must pass our internal sensitivity reader reviews). 

Interested in writing a Paralympian? I want to hear your idea! Everyone deserves love and a happy ending. Just be sure the heroes meet the basic Dreamspun Desires House Line requirements (give special attention to the Dreamspun ​Content Guidelines—we’re not looking for high angst or adjustment phases of life, only mentally healthy, well-balanced heroes).

Potential additional tropes and themes

By virtue of being an Olympian, all these heroes will automatically fall under the “unattainable” category that we’re looking for in a Desires story. But you can take that a step further if you like and pen a superstar within his own sport (EX: Michael Phelps) or a social celebrity in his sport (EX: Adam Rippon) or even a celebrity whose fame was earned outside the sport (EX: actress Geena Davis, who nearly qualified for the 2000 Olympics in Archery). 

Some tropes that could make for fun reading (not exhaustive):

  • Enemies to lovers (existing rivalry in a sport?)
  • Best friends to lovers (team partners in a sport?)
  • Opposites attract (Olympians from completely different sports—high/low profile?)
  • Age difference (Seasoned competitor and a brand new qualifier?)

How to submit a proposal

I am primarily looking for story ideas (proposals) at this stage, but if you have a fully developed and completed story that meets the above requirements and the basic Dreamspun Desires House Line requirements, you are welcome to submit that instead.  

  • This call will remain open until April 30, 2019, or until we receive and approve enough stories to fill the Olympic Desires stories lineup. 
  • If your proposal is approved for the lineup, you must be willing and able to submit the full manuscript by no later than October 31, 2019.
  • Selected stories will publish in the Dreamspun Desires gay category romance line during July and August of 2020.
  • To submit a proposal or full manuscript, follow the requirements outlined in the appropriate section of the Dreamspun Desires House Line requirements. 

Pitch me some sexy, heart-warming stories about once-in-a-lifetime Olympic moments and heroes at the very top of their games! 

Aaaaand, GO!

Sue Brown-Moore, Dreamspun Acquisitions Editor


Answering this call for submissions does not guarantee an offer of contract for publication.