The Clockwork Nightingale's Song by Amy Rae Durreson

When one of the mechanical nightingales at the Vauxhall Flying Pleasure Gardens refuses to sing, senior mechanic Shem Holloway has to call in the help of its inventor, the arrogant aristocrat, Lord Gabriel Marchmont. The nightingale is lovelorn because of its attachment to a real bird, and while the two men work together to mend the brass bird’s heart, their feelings for each other grow warm. But if they are to move beyond attraction, Shem must overcome his distrust of the upper class and decide whether to risk his own heart on Gabriel.

Caress by Eli Easton

During the Crimean war, Colin Davies, a cavalry officer, loses both hands in a grenade blast. A brilliant machinist named Tinker Gray fashions Colin a new pair of hands—strong and capable, but delicate enough to caress. The two first bond over similar views on the war, but when Colin tests the hands, he realizes Tinker loves him. Too soon, Colin is sent back to the front, having been deemed able to fight because of his fine new hands. They’ve had but one kiss, yet love might see them through if they fix their hopes on being together again when the bloodshed is over.

Swiftsilver by Bell Ellis

Thio is the next Baron Tenet of Lessings and a self-styled genius inventor, but he sometimes invents flying machines that don't fly. When Thio crashes his aircar into the alchemist’s shop, he meets Seamus, the alchemist’s abused apprentice. Seamus has invented swiftsilver, a marvelous substance, and while he takes care of Thio's injuries, they begin a friendship and start inventing things together. Seamus's master tries to end their relationship, but Thio remains undaunted. He rescues Seamus and takes him to his estate, where they experiment with swiftsilver, flying machines, and romance. Life brings a storm of responsibilities and obstacles, but love might flourish if they can remain devoted and determined no matter where the wind takes them.

The Clockwork Heart by Kim Fielding

Dante Winter makes a living repairing broken things. Socially awkward and rejected by his father over his too-fanciful work, he’s alone in the world. Dante's life changes when he finds a badly damaged male golem, a lifelike automaton created for service and pleasure. He does his best to fix the golem, whom he names Talon, and comes to find that the creature is very human—perhaps more human than Dante. But when Talon tempts him with something more than friendship, Dante must decide whether a clockwork heart is capable of love.

The Galatea's Captain by Anka Grace

When philosopher Kamil Ramses learns the plight of the poor in Camlaan, he offers guidance to its queen. But en route to meet her, his foot becomes gangrenous and must be amputated. Talos is captain of the airship Galatea as well as a brilliant tinker, a far cry from his impoverished childhood. He is summoned to fashion Kamil’s new foot, and Kamil’s distrust is quickly overcome when he sees the fine quality of the captain’s own prosthetic arm. But Talos has only two weeks to make Kamil’s prosthesis. If that’s enough time for Talos to overcome his own prejudices against Kamil’s privileged past, romance might blossom.

Screws by R.D. Hero

Spoiled upper-class student Julius Barnes wants to be an inventor, but his father sends him to work in a screw factory to change his perspective. Julius doesn’t exactly charm his co-workers with his condescending attitude, but he is himself charmed by Hank Hooley, a fellow worker whose experience and patience help Julius see things in a new light. But when Julius’s father gives him the go ahead to attend the inventor’s academy, Julius may have to choose between his dreams and love.

The Golden Goose by Mark Lesney

Fleeing a failed robbery, a usually-successful thief in late Victorian London saves the handsome Viscount Gordon Philip Dennis from an attack by his assistant. The thief’s motives aren’t altruistic—he wants the riches that might line his pockets if the viscount’s gold collecting machine really works. But the assistant who attacked the peer isn’t who he seems; his employers are bent on making the freethinking viscount’s invention fail. When another attack is mounted, it becomes clear the ruffians are backed by British bankers. Amidst danger and despite differences, the thief and the viscount fall in love. To survive and be together they must face the dangers and attempt a truly daring escape.

Spindle and Bell by Augusta Li

Spindle steals to pay his benefactor for his drug-laced “special milk.” He’s addicted and lonely—though he doesn’t realize how alone he is until he meets Bel. Bel is near death from a plague that has all of London terrified, but he dreams of having a chance to be seen as a man again, and to see again the wonders of the city he loves. And maybe, if Bel can have a night of love with Spindle, they can both find the freedom and strength they need the most.

Ace of Hearts by Mary Pletsch

All Aeroplane Mechanic First Class William Pettigrew ever wanted was to fly, but due to an old eye injury, he can only maintain the aircraft and fantasize about the pilots. When Captain James Hinson, war hero and dirigible flying ace, joins the squadron, William catches his eye. But William lacks the confidence to see James’s overtures as anything but friendly interest in his innovations. Then James is shot down over enemy territory, and for William that changes everything. The time has come for him to choose: believe in himself and fly or lose forever the man whose heart he hopes to win.

Five to One by Angelia Sparrow

Jonathan Crawford works two jobs to support his best friend, Declan Ferguson, hoping Declan’s inventions will someday make them rich. When Jonathan brings home news of a transcontinental human-powered vehicle race with a million dollar purse, dreams of wealth dance in their heads and they plan to enter a racer built by Declan. Although they’ve shared a room for years, building the racer together gives Jonathan a chance to realize he loves Declan as more than a friend, and Declan loves him back. To make the rest of their dreams come true, they only need to win the race.

Untouchable by Layla M. Wier

Prohibition agent Agamemnon Rawson is a loose cannon with a clockwork heart and a reputation for catching his quarry by any means. His new partner, by-the-book Agent George Aldis, is supposed to keep him out of trouble. As the two face danger together while investigating Capone's bootleg whisky operation, Rawson begins to realize his clockwork heart is not as untouchable as he claims.