EVERY ASPASIAN at Asiq loved Resan. I had to admit that I liked looking at him just as much as any of the other aspasians did. He was a beautiful Sythe with his dark purple skin and shiny black hair. He perched on chairs with grace, and he walked around like he was a gentleman even in this brothel. Everyone who had been with him bragged about how good he was, how much they loved being with him. How they’d screw him for free, even though he never asked for that.

As for me, I was perfectly fine staying away from him as much as possible. Em, his best friend, and Resan were a team, and I didn’t mind having the bounty hunter around, but the peacekeeper was a problem for me. Bounty hunters like Em were much more lenient in their codes than Resan was. His world was black and white. There were good people, and then there were criminals. That was more than enough reason for me to give him a wide berth. Besides, Em was constantly busy with Corbin, who was Sythe just like Resan and had the same dark purple skin and black hair. Corbin had stepped more into the role of managing Asiq lately as Monroe, who had owned the brothel for years, was moving more toward stepping down. They were both fair and honest, so I didn’t much care as long as I kept getting paid.

I didn’t mind Resan as much when I was working the clients. It was when I had to work the bar that put me in close contact with him. Resan was watching me as I mixed the drinks for the other aspasians to take to the clients they were chatting with and otherwise entertaining. We were busy, and since everyone else was already talking to clients, which always came first according to our boss Monroe, I had to make the drinks myself. So that left me walking over to where Resan and Em sat. Corbin was half on Em’s lap. Em and Resan had just come back from some mission, and I knew Corbin likely wouldn’t be much of an assistant manager for the rest of the night because of Em. I understood that. I saw how in love they were.

Descani was practically climbing up Resan when I knelt in front of the four of them, like Monroe told us to do when we delivered drinks. I handed the drinks out, and Descani flashed his fangs at me. I rolled my eyes. If he wanted to pretend that Resan was his territory, even for just a few hours, then he was welcome to claim him. I was only doing my job, and I would have much rather been having sex with a client or two than running drinks to peacekeepers any day.

I went back behind the bar and continued on with my work. It didn’t take long for Corbin and Em to leave again for their rooms. Though Descani had moved to straddle Resan, I saw the peacekeeper’s attention move to me every now and again. I pretended not to notice, and I definitely didn’t make eye contact with him.

I was happy when Descani pulled him down the hallway to the aspasians’ rooms an hour later.

Once I was off my bar shift, I was free to seek out clients if I wanted to. Or I could go to bed and try to catch up on my nonexistent sleep. I decided to work instead. I found an older man with graying fur around his cheeks and neck. He was Catcha, like Descani, and when he smiled, I got to see his fangs. I smiled back at him and took the seat beside him. I made sure our thighs touched, and when he wrapped an arm around my shoulders and pulled me in close, I brought my mouth to his neck.

“You’re an eager little Denobelas,” he cooed at me.

I didn’t correct him on what I was. As long as he went into my room with me, I didn’t much care what he called me. I placed my hand on his thigh, and as he began to quickly kiss me, I moved my fingers to the bulge in his pants. I squeezed him and moaned like I knew I should have. It made them want me more when I did that, and it worked on the Catcha too. Within three minutes I had him stumbling down the hall behind me, his hands already tight on my hips.

As soon as we were in my room together, he didn’t waste time. He didn’t use lube, but I was used to that. I moaned when I was supposed to, and I begged when he told me to. I didn’t mind being an aspasian. It was better than a lot of jobs someone with no experience could get. It paid well, I was safe, and I got food. Being at Asiq was practically a vacation, no matter how I looked at it.

He came quickly, and when he was done, he pushed me down on the bed and covered me with his furry body as he kissed me and rubbed against me. I knew now that this was their way of scent marking who they were with. It didn’t last past a shower, but they liked doing it. At first I’d been a little weirded out. Now I opened up my thighs and let him get me as much as he wanted to. I was being paid to make his time with me perfect, after all. Resisting him wouldn’t have done that very well.

He kissed me when he was done, and then he licked my neck. That was another thing I’d had to get used to with them. They liked to lick people.

He got off me soon after that. He got dressed, smiled at me one more time, and then left. I stripped the bed, remade it, then headed into the shower.

I was ready to go again right after that. Some aspasians, I’d noticed, needed a break in between clients. I didn’t. I’d been able to get a hot shower, with actual running water and good smelling soap; that was enough of a break for me.

I went back into the lounge where the clients hung out before one of us brought them back to our rooms. There were only a few people waiting, and one of them was Resan. His glass was empty, and I went to go make him a refill because that’s what Monroe had taught us to do. Not because I actually wanted to spend time with him at all.

I knelt in front of him to give him his drink as I had before, and he took it from me without a word. As I was leaving, though, he couldn’t just let me go apparently. “How’s it going tonight?”

I turned back to him and shrugged. I’d brought him his drink. That should have been enough interaction between us.

“Anyone giving you any trouble?”

Aside from him? No one. I shook my head. “Everything has been just fine.” I looked to a pair of other men in the lounge. They were talking to each other, so maybe they’d come in together. I hadn’t had two clients in a while, but I knew I could handle it now if they were interested in me. “Did you need anything else?”

Resan looked to the two men as well, then back to me. He shook his head, and I went to work. I smiled at them as I approached. Judging how to come at people was always a little tricky. Some people wanted gentle approaches. They didn’t want to be overwhelmed. Others wanted intense need as if I hadn’t seen them in weeks and couldn’t wait to have them again. These two made things easy for me as the one with the blue skin reached for me. I took his hand, and he settled me between them.

Resan was watching us, but he could watch all he wanted. They took turns kissing me and petting me. Anything below my waist they needed to pay for, but my chest was bare, and they played with me while I sat between them.

“He’ll do,” the other one said. His skin was a rich brown. They smiled at each other. Then the blue-skinned man lifted me into his arms while the darker man walked ahead of us. I gave them directions to my room, and for the next two hours, I lay between them as they took turns with me, and then each other.

I was actually feeling a little tired when I returned from my rooms after changing them over for the next client and having another shower. I reentered the lounge and made myself a drink. There was no alcohol in it, just a bit of fruit juice and some fizzy water. It perked me back up. Resan was at his post now. No longer having fun, he was there to protect us all again. But I still caught him watching me.

“Not many of you take back-to-back clients like that,” he said from across the room.

I really wasn’t interested in this conversation with him, or any other. I sipped my drink without looking at him.

“Just don’t get hurt or wear yourself out.”

That made me smirk. “I’m fine.” I finished my drink in a hurry, though I would have much rather savored it. Monroe didn’t like us drinking or eating in our rooms, probably because it made things messy since people tended to forget to bring out their dirty dishes before Asiq opened, and no client wanted to see a mess when they came into such a nice brothel.

I went back to my room without looking at him again.