Chapter 1



“HEY, GUNNY! You’re never going to guess who I was just talking to.” Mac stopped dead in his tracks when he entered their home gym. Gunny was standing near the weight bench doing overhead military presses in nothing but a pair of nylon shorts. His muscles were bulging from the effort, sweat rolling down his impressive chest.

“Who?” Gunny grunted, still working the weights.

“Doesn’t matter,” Mac groaned. And it didn’t. Hell, the world didn’t matter, not when Gunny looked like that. Mac stepped up to Gunny as he extended his arms over his head. “Hold that pose.”

“What?” Gunny asked, sounding confused, but he held still.

Perhaps it was the lust Gunny had to see in Mac’s eyes or the fact that Mac was leaning in to chase a droplet down Gunny’s chest that made him smile knowingly.

“You’re interrupting my workout.”

“Oh hell, I’m about to work you out all right,” Mac assured him and ran the palms of his hands over Gunny’s hard pecs, across his shoulders, and along his biceps. He then gripped the bar, helping to hold it as he nipped at Gunny’s chin.

“Promise?” Gunny chased Mac’s lips as he brushed them along Gunny’s cheek.

“It’s a guaran-fucking-tee.” Mac pressed their mouths together, demanding entrance with his tongue. Gunny opened to him. He never denied Mac.

The kiss went on, hot and wet and so damn good, until their arms began to tremble and they were breathless. Mac ended the kiss, licking the last of Gunny’s flavor from his lips, then helped him set the bar on its brace.

“I guess I better shower, then,” Gunny suggested and shook out his arms.

Mac grabbed a towel from a hook and tossed it at Gunny. He caught it easily and swiped it across his damp face.

“That’s cleaned up enough,” Mac murmured and snatched the towel away. He slid his arm around Gunny’s slick back, stepping close once again. “I like you like this. Remember that time we snuck off from morning PT?” Mac released Gunny and stepped back. “Oh shit, that reminds me. I came in to tell you about the phone call I got before you distracted me.”

Gunny flexed his biceps. “Yeah, totally my fault. It’s the guns.”

“Stop that,” Mac grumbled and swatted playfully at Gunny’s impressive artillery. “So as I was saying, Captain Walker called. He wants us to go to DC. A lot of shit’s been going down since the repeal. He wants us to come and speak at a conference.”

“Speak about what?”

“Do you not ever listen to me? The repeal. You know, how I can tap your ass and still take out an enemy from two thousand yards.”

“I’m pretty sure that isn’t exactly what the brass had in mind,” Gunny chuckled.

“Maybe not exactly those words, but same meaning.”

Gunny froze, his eyes going wide. “Did you say we?”


“Oh hell no! I am not talking in front of a bunch of strangers. You’re the chatty one—you do it.”

“No prob. All you have to do is stand there and look purty.”

“Yeah, well, I’m not real good at that either, not with this mug.”

Mac rolled his eyes at just how ridiculous Gunny could be. But it was one of the things he loved about the man. Gunny had no clue how incredibly sexy he was. Good damn thing too or he might’ve actually considered what Cap had said at their exit ceremony: “Is this the best you can do?” Mac might like to act all tough and gruff. Hell, he was when the situation called for it, badass-take-you-out-machine, even. But it was no secret Mac was a pile of mushy love-struck goo when it came to Gunny.

“So I was thinking,” Mac continued without commenting on Gunny’s concern. “We go to DC, give our”—Gunny raised a single brow—“okay, my little speech, then we take us a little vacation.”

Gunny grabbed a cold bottle of water out of the minifridge and held it up. When Mac nodded, Gunny tossed it to him and then grabbed one for himself. “I don’t want to vacation in DC. It’s not really what I’d call a relaxing, fun kind of town.” Gunny leaned against the wall and opened his water.

Mac found himself distracted from the conversation again when Gunny tipped the bottle up, his throat working as he gulped the water down. Gunny swallowing down other things flashed in Mac’s head, and his cock twitched. Unable to resist such a temptation, Mac went after that sexy throat, nipping it and then swiping his tongue from Gunny’s Adam’s apple up to just below his ear, tasting the salt of his skin. Gunny groaned, the deep husky sound going straight to Mac’s groin.

“I had this idea,” Mac murmured against Gunny’s warm flesh.

“Let me guess, it involves lube and me sweating even more.”

“Yes, that’s the immediate plan,” Mac agreed. He grabbed Gunny’s hips, pulling him toward the weight bench. Mac sat and encouraged Gunny to straddle him while Mac continued to lick and taste, hands roaming over Gunny’s muscular back. “But I was talking about our vacation. After DC, I think we should finally take our honeymoon. What do you think of New York City?”

“Crowded and smelly,” Gunny moaned, tipping his head to the side to give Mac more room to explore.

“True, but they also have a few of those clubs you’ve wanted to check out, and I’ve been dying to see you in those leathers I bought you.”

“I think I like both your ideas.” Gunny thrust hard against Mac’s groin, emphasizing his meaning.

Mac responded in kind, rubbing and rutting, loving the way Gunny’s hard body and equally hard cock felt against his. Twenty-two-plus years he and Gunny had been together, and it still amazed Mac that Gunny could rev him up like a teenager with just one look. Even more astonishing, each time with Gunny seemed to be better than the last.

Mac slid his hand between their bodies, past the waistband of Gunny’s shorts and wrapped his fist around Gunny’s cock. “Gonna work you out now,” Mac told him. He didn’t give Gunny a chance to respond, taking his mouth in a deep kiss while he set a hard, fast pace along Gunny’s length. Mac kissed Gunny until he was forced to break for a breath, but the rhythm of their bodies never slowed. Gunny picked up the same pace, thrusting into Mac’s fist.

Mac reluctantly released Gunny long enough to pull off his T-shirt, but took Gunny back in hand as soon as he was free from the material.

“Fuck yeah, that’s better,” Gunny commented as he ran his callused hands over Mac’s chest. Mac yelped when Gunny leaned down and bit his right nipple at the same time he pinched the left. The spark of pain shot a jolt straight to his cock, causing it to throb. The pleasure intensified when Gunny shoved the front of Mac’s shorts down and ran his rough hand along Mac’s heated flesh.

The shrill sound of the phone distracted Mac for a second, but it wasn’t enough to hold his attention long. Gunny didn’t seem to notice it at all, his free hand landing on Mac’s neck and holding him close as he sucked and licked at Mac’s flesh while continuing to work Mac’s cock.

The sound of his mom’s voice on the answering machine was like a bucket of cold water poured on them, and they both froze. “Macalister, it’s Mom. Just wanted you to know Dad and I will be there shortly.”

“Fuck me,” Mac cursed and jumped up, dumping Gunny on his ass.

“I was trying to,” Gunny grumbled.

Mac jerked his shorts up. “What day is it?”

“Saturday, why?”

“Damn! Damn! Damn!” Mac ran a hand over his head as panic began to surge through him. The house was a mess, and he was pretty sure they’d left out evidence of their late-night fuck fest.

Gunny didn’t seem to be concerned about the situation; rather, he lay back with a slight grin and began stroking himself. “C’mere and let’s finish this. Will only take a second.”

“Go ahead, but the thought of my mom and dad walking in while I have my dick”—Mac tilted his head, taking in the sight before him—“or your dick in my hand, makes me a little less than turned-on, ya know?”

“Bullshit! Your shorts are tented like a goddamn big top, now get over here.”

Gunny’s voice was demanding, seductive, but Mac could tell he was barely containing his laughter. Mac, on the other hand, was completely freaked-out. He was in his forties, for fuck’s sake; he shouldn’t be worried about being caught by Mommy and Daddy.

“You are just too adorable for words,” Gunny chuckled.

“Fuck you and put that thing away,” Mac grumbled. “Now go shower.”

“Ooh, good idea. Water sports,” Gunny purred teasingly and pushed to his feet.

Mac spun and stabbed a finger at Gunny. “No! You’re going to shower—alone—and I’m going to go make sure there are no dirty drawers on the living room floor.”

“Aww. C’mon, you started this,” Gunny mumbled.

“Oh shit. There’s a sink full of breakfast dishes.” Mac grunted and swatted Gunny’s hand away when he tried to grab Mac’s shorts. He then shoved Gunny into the bathroom and closed the door before Gunny could try anything else.

“Oh good Lord, you do realize you’re over twenty-one, don’t you? Then again, even at your age, you probably don’t want your parents finding what’s lying on the coffee table,” Gunny called out before Mac heard the distinctive sound of a shower coming on.

Mac’s chin nearly hit the floor. The thought of his parents finding the toy had him rushing up the stairs. “Why in the hell didn’t you remind me they were coming!” There were certain things a man shouldn’t have to explain to his mother—oh shit—or his father. Mac picked up the pace, taking the steps two at a time. As he cleared the last step, the doorbell rang; seconds later, the front door squeaked open.

“Macalister, Gunther?” Mom called out.

Mac dove toward the table. “Ow!” he yelped as his knee came in contact with the corner of the end table. Ignoring the throbbing pain, Mac grabbed the dildo and shoved it under the cushion of the couch just as his mom and dad walked in.

“The door was open,” his mom said in way of greeting.

Mac scrambled to his feet and sat on the couch. “Hi,” he responded and waved, breathing harshly. His eyes went wide in panic when the toy began to vibrate. “Uh, umm… c’mon in,” he sputtered and shifted again, hoping the damn thing would turn off. To his horror, the vibration intensified.

“What’s that vibrating?” his dad asked as he took a seat in the recliner at the end of the couch.

A double-headed shlong. “New back massager,” he lied. Unable to meet his dad’s eyes, Mac grabbed the remote and clicked on the television, turning the volume up. “Gunny’s in the shower, and I was just about to watch the game.”

“What game?” Dad asked, eyeing him with suspicion.

“Umm… well…. One I recorded,” he sputtered.

“I brought you two some zucchini bread,” his mom commented and held up a brown paper bag. “I’ll just take it to the kitchen.”

Bless you for the save. Mac smiled. “Thanks and don’t mind the mess. I haven’t had a chance to do the breakfast dishes yet.” He shifted again, but the damn thing wouldn’t turn off. Sweat dampened his brow, his belly flip-flopping nervously as he looked back and forth between his parents who were staring at him with odd expressions.

“Everything okay?” Mom asked, sounding concerned.

“Never better. Hey, Dad, I gotta show you the… ummm…. The new greenhouse.” Mac jumped up, praying the schlong vibrating beneath the cushion stayed hidden.

“I saw it the last time I was here.”

“Oh yeah… but… I got some new plants.” Mac stood near his dad’s chair, blocking the view of the couch, just in case.

“Right now? I just got here, and you said you had a game to watch.”

“No time like the present, and I’m sure you’ve seen it.”

“Oh, Theodore, go look at Mac’s greenhouse. He’s obviously very proud of it,” Mom said with a wink toward Mac before she headed to the kitchen. Mac was so going to kiss her for that.

Dad grumbled something incoherent, but he got up and followed his wife, Mac trailing along behind them.

Once Mom was at the counter and Dad was heading out the back door, Mac called out, “Go ahead and check it out, I’ll meet you out there. Just going to call down and let Gunny know you’re here.” And hide my rubber dicky.

Dad tossed a wave in acknowledgment over his shoulder, and while Mom took care of her treats, Mac rushed to the living room, grabbed the hidden toy, and ran to the stairs. “Gunny, my mom and dad are here,” he yelled out and tossed the dildo, then cringed when the thing hit Gunny in the chest as he suddenly appeared.

“What the hell, man!”

“Serves you right,” Mac hissed, completely unapologetic. He left Gunny to take care of the damn thing. After all, a little rubber rash was nothing compared to the severe case of embarrassment Mac was dealing with.



“HI, CLARE,” Gunny said happily as he entered the kitchen.

“Hi, sweetie,” Clare replied over her shoulder as she ran water into the sink. “There’s fresh zucchini bread in the breadbox.”

“Oh yum, I do love your bread. You don’t have to do those.” Gunny pecked her on the cheek.

“Mac forgot we were coming, didn’t he?” Clare ignored Gunny’s protest and started washing dishes.

“What makes you think that?”

“Dirty drawers on the floor, breakfast dishes in the sink, and if that wasn’t enough of a hint, then the fact your husband was hiding sex toys in the couch was a dead giveaway.”


“Yes, dear?”

“He was not,” Gunny lied. He turned his back to her to hide his warm cheeks. He opened the fridge, contemplated a beer—he damn sure could use one—but took a soda instead. “Where is he anyway?” If he was going to beat Mac for dropping him in this hornets’ nest, he at least had to know where the bastard was.

“He took Theodore out to show him his new plants.”

“Mac hasn’t gotten any new plants,” Gunny said, confused, as he leaned against the counter, keeping his face averted.

“Yes, dear, I know. You might want to go check and make sure everything is in order in the living room, and while you’re there, could you turn that television down?”

Gunny could not believe he was having this conversation with Mac’s mom. The fact that she was so blasé about it was even scarier, or hell, maybe it was cool that she wasn’t bothered about it. Nope, it was scary, and he was thankful to get the hell out of the kitchen and end this freaky conversation.