Coffee Run—Jess Roth

While taking over janitorial duties for his sick mother, Alex gets off to a rocky start with cute office worker Emmett. Emmett figures there’s no better way to apologize than with a cup of coffee, and soon they’re learning more about each other than whether they take cream and sugar. Alex’s job will be over soon, but he hopes that won’t stop him from brewing something up with Emmett.


Of Scribes and Kings—Bryl R. Tyne

Maintenance man Joel wants to finish this call so he can get back to being Lakido in his game. Maybe the other players will let him be more than a scribe. Maybe a king! He doubts it. With his unassertiveness, he seldom gets anything he wants, but this call could change everything.

Socially backward Ken skip-traces for the government when he’s not roleplaying as Hesyt of the North. But even a shut-in has needs, so right or wrong, he’s stalked Lakido and lured him into the apartment. Now Joel must decide if he can forgive Ken’s actions in light of the loneliness they share.


The Stonemason—Terry Rissen

Russ’s days as a hotshot painter are far behind him. When his muse abandoned him, he took a custodial job at a small museum. But Russ’s inspiration might not be as far away as he thinks. When a captivating statue called the Stonemason comes to life and reveals himself as the avatar of art, Russ begins to understand the Stonemason—and art itself—needs him just as much as he needs the vision the Stonemason provides. Can Russ find the courage to stop running from his art and chase his passion instead?

Flat Packed—Henrietta Clarke

Furniture designer Louis King wasn’t looking forward to spending a whole Saturday in flatpack haven IKEA with best friend Hayley, and he’s even less impressed when her younger brother David comes in her place. But there’s nothing for it but to go through with the shop, and as David forces Louis to slow down and have some fun in the store, Louis finds his preconceptions about his friend’s lazy “world traveler” kid brother blown to pieces by the man in front of him. Trouble is, no matter how appealing David is becoming, Louis doesn’t know if he wants to risk getting involved with his best friend’s brother… or if he’s ready to get involved with anyone at all.


Moonshine—Charlie Tannen

Mechanic Oscar is thrilled when he’s chosen to lead a project to build a custom steam-powered car. His client, Charles, is handsome, and the interest between them seems mutual, but there’s something suspicious about Charles. Oscar discovers Charles’s secret when he spends the night with Charles and finds a stash of moonshine in the basement. His worst fears are confirmed—Charles is a bootlegger, a criminal in Prohibition-era New England, and worse yet, he continues to lie to Oscar about his activities. Even if the car is a resounding success, Oscar’s relationship with Charles might stall before the gears even get turning—unless Charles takes drastic measures.


How to Build a Shed—Kim Dias

Shawn, a librarian, and Gabe, the foreman of a local construction crew, meet at the library and instantly hit it off. It doesn’t take long for Gabe to ask Shawn out for dinner, but there’s one snag—Gabe tends to panic around hot guys, and his nerves lead to him not being completely up-front about what he does for a living. He has yet to tell Shawn about his career when they meet an employee of Gabe’s. Gabe tries to keep the man away from Shawn, but Shawn thinks it’s because Gabe is ashamed of him, something he refuses to tolerate.


The Last Snow Globe Repairman—Allan Jay

Plumber Tom is intrigued by his new neighbor Matt and his unusual occupation, so Tom offers to check Matt’s plumbing—in a non-porny way. Once inside Matt’s home, he is introduced to the world of snow globe repairs, to Matt’s mysterious family, and Matt’s reasons for moving to Fisher City.

As well as being a snow globe repairman, Matt is a Spirit Catcher. He tells Tom that there is a ghost in Tom’s house and the only way to help the spirit move on is to capture it. Unable to sleep in his haunted home, Tom imposes upon Matt’s hospitality, and they get to know each other and hatch a plan. Hopefully they can assist the ghost so they too can move on… with more spirit-catching and more dates.


Love on the Tarmac—Quinn Dressler

Young Cooper Austin loves everything about his job handling baggage and guiding planes at a small airport in Yakama, Washington—everything, that is, except for his homophobic coworker, Brad Pratt, who harasses him at every opportunity. Luckily Coop has the support of his boyfriend, sexy pilot Captain Matt Bowman, to help him fend off the bigotry. But when Pratt’s carelessness puts them in danger, it’ll be up to Coop to save Matt’s flight from a heart-stopping disaster.


Executive Decision—Alice Archer

At work one day, Dar Riley, a dry stone waller resigned to a contract that may kill him, meets Pierre Catalan, owner of a multiplanet transportation empire, a polished, powerful man Dar considers way out of his league.

When the sudden death of Pierre’s father blindsides him, he’s overwhelmed with guilt and lowers his guard to allow Dar closer. Dar steps in with an executive decision of his own that leads to a hijacked comm unit, plenty of dust, and a surprising dose of passion. The resulting clash of wills topples assumptions, reignites long-buried desires, and threatens to alter livelihoods.


Hot Cross Buns—Ginger Streusel

After a mistake that might cost a little girl her life, firefighter Cole Brandt has lost his confidence. One day Cole ends up in front of a local family bakery. He just wanted some fresh air and time to think, but instead he gets a cup of hot cocoa and someone who’s willing to listen—cute-tushed baker Johnny Neuces. Some flirting and a friendly ear helps, but Cole suffers another blow when he tries to visit the little girl in the hospital. Binge-drinking and binge-eating can’t pull Cole out of his funk, but the phone number and invitation he finds at the bottom of a box of cookies just might.