Chapter One


RYAN HATED parties. He really did.

He smiled nervously and looked around the handsome remodeled Victorian house that his coworker had invited him to. It was a nice house—lots of niches and corners and places under stairwells, and dark paneling. Someday, when he’d gotten a few raises at the law firm, maybe he’d have enough money to buy something like this. But right now, his only hope was to flee the damned thing with dignity.

If he were really lucky, he might escape the predatory blonde with the big tits and fuck-me pumps too.

John, the partner in the firm who had invited him, handed him a beer and looked good-naturedly at the paralegal who’d nearly managed to corner Ryan at least three times.

“I thought you were going to bring a date, buddy!” John had to talk loudly over the music, and he was a little drunk, so he was shouting more than necessary. But that was okay; he was a nice guy. Built like a fire hydrant, steady as a rock, and totally in love with the wife who had decorated his home in cutting edge and red and black velvet, if there was a “party guy” at Ryan’s firm, John was it. Unfortunately, he also kept trying to be cupid.

Ryan shrugged. He’d actually planned on bringing a date—really. But Tanya had been… well, they’d been dating for over two months, and she was beginning to hint that she maybe wanted to stay the night, and really, the idea wasn’t doing a lot for him.

“She couldn’t make it,” he lied, feeling lame.

“Dude, you’re a god—it’s not like you couldn’t find another date on a moment’s notice!” John’s tipsy grin was camaraderie at its best, and Ryan flushed and tried to shrug off the compliment.

“Yeah, but all work and no play leaves Ryan a horny bastard,” he quipped before draining his beer, and John laughed.

“That’s the truth—you leave the rest of us in your dust!”

Ryan shrugged and blushed. He was a hard worker, and he loved his job. He should—he’d worked his entire life to get through law school; he’d damned well better not lose his focus now! But talking about his ambition was not the way to make friends.

“Dude, where’s the head? I’ve gotta take a leak!”

Best excuse in the world, and the only reason he’d polished off two imported brews in ten minutes. Unfortunately, he had to use it on John, who he liked, and not on Jonesing Jenny, who scared him. John directed him to the guest bathroom, and Ryan dodged through the adjoining bedroom and into the blissful quiet of the Monet-colored washroom with some serious relief.

He whipped out his equipment and tilted his head back as he emptied his bladder. He hadn’t lied to John, and between the quiet and the long, blissful piss, he started thinking he might be able to make it through the party without making a total ass out of himself. At least that’s what he thought until he heard the rustling behind the shower curtain and the bold young voice behind him.

“Jesus—that’s got to be the biggest cock I’ve ever seen!”

Ryan was so surprised he almost whipped it around and covered the bathroom, but he managed to keep all movement to a glance over his shoulder.