Editor's Note

Kris Jacen



I‘ve got a secret no more.

These words on a blog just over a year ago brought a pang of sadness to many. It seemed our friend, author Patric Michael, definitely had cancer. A rare form with a low survivability rate.

As the months passed we‘ve shared Patric‘s journey, through its ups-and-downs, good periods and bad, and at the end it brought us to this collection. With all of the twists and turns that we‘ve taken since that simple announcement, this bend in the road is perhaps the most deeply felt. We who have connected so many times, and so often through the Internet (yahoo groups, author loops, blogs and shared publishers) came to the realization that he might not be with us forever and wanted to honor him in a way he wanted. Not just flowers or donations to a favored charity, but in a way that would, as he put it, ?Hopefully touch others as deeply as they have touched me.? You see, if we have learned only one thing from Patric throughout our time together, it is this: what the person dealing with the situation wants is more important than all else, and not necessarily what we might think he wants.

So we asked him what we could do: How did he want us to remember him after he passed?

Patric shared with us an idea to collect inspiration. Stories, blogs and even poetry that had some connection with him. As Patric has participated on those groups or blogs, other authors have been inspired by their interactions with him to create stories or characters of their own, so he requested that we gather those stories (or others like them) along with his blogs and a few of his ?educational? postings, all in one place. His hope was that someone could somehow benefit from it. Maybe even gather strength or inspiration of their own, whether they were going through the same thing he did, or knew someone who was.

As a result you now have this collection with stories that sparked from things like talks with Patric about photographing mushrooms or his delight from fireflies or just Patric‘s heart. All of the stories are written from our hearts and thoughts, to remember Patric using something he valued highly; words and creativity.

Whether you‘re with us or watching over us Patric, know you have touched all our lives. May you find your Yellow Star as we wish on our Blue Star.



December 2010



Just Being by Jamie Samms

Patric Hates AIM by Jacqueline Lichtenberg

When Angels Fall by ZA Maxfield

So If You‘re Sand, Not Rock by C. Zampa

In the Light by Lex Valentine

Technical Terms by Patric Michael

With this Flower by Karenna Colcroft

The Silver Shard by Tame Adams

Is a Prostate Worth Finding? by Patric Michael

The Lost Ones by Victor J. Banis

Mushrooms by Brian Holliday

The Mentor by Jambrea Jo Jones

Linchpin by Mary Calmes

Stupid Human Sex Tricks by Patric Michael

Dragonfly by Jan Irving

A Tale of Three Curmudgeons by Jean Lorrah

Through the Mist by Chrissy Munder

Leaves by Moira McCain

The Better Part by Clare London

Holding Purpose by D.W. Marchwell

A Place to Belong by Taylor Lochland

Dreams of Terrible Brightness by Amy Lane