Chapter One

“PICKUP FOR Gordon Trucking?” At the gate to the tire factory south of Nashville, Tennessee, Joshua Becket handed the uniformed guard his documentation, trying to suppress a yawn. Ten hours of enforced rest after delivering his last cargo early evening the day before wasn't much use when he’d been unable to sleep more than three or four of them.

“Everything seems to be in order.” The guard looked up, dark eyes peering into Josh’s cab as if looking for contraband before meeting Josh’s gaze. “Drive straight ahead about three hundred feet, and the loading dock will be on your left. The guys there will know which trailer is yours.”

“Thanks.” Josh closed the window against the chill of an early March morning and focused on getting his semi to where he needed to be without causing any damage.

Fuck, but he was exhausted. The lack of financial security, which endangered the plans for his future, sat like a rock in the pit of his gut. It wouldn’t go away, no matter how much he tried to ignore it. He might have just enough money to make his rent and get some food, but recent pay cuts had reduced the amount left to go into his savings account this month. Gordon Trucking, a medium-sized company with ten trucks and five semis, was more than a little old-fashioned, probably because it was family owned. He’d thought the ownership and smaller size would be an advantage, having hated his previous employer. They were big, very impersonal, and only did intrastate jobs. Barely out of high school, with a fresh commercial driver’s license, he hadn’t had much choice. Pretty much nobody wanted inexperienced drivers on long-haul jobs across the country.

The minute he’d turned twenty-one a little over three years ago, he had applied for several jobs with small and medium-sized companies. Had he made a mistake going with these guys? They’d seemed nice, and everything had gone well initially. But with the recent economic downturn, remaining competitive without modern equipment wasn’t happening. Hence, the recent pay cuts.

With a choice between either losing their jobs or accepting lower wages, all the employees had voted for staying on. Not even a union would have helped them. But with the lower pay and only a ridiculously low amount left to go into savings, Josh’s goal of saving up for his own rig moved further and further into the future each month. And without his own rig, he could never go for the more lucrative jobs he knew were out there.

Startled by his sudden arrival at the ramp, he slowed down and looked for someone in charge. A large, burly guy in overalls emphasizing his considerable muscle mass stood on the dock, clipboard in hand. Josh approached him, stopped the semi, and rolled down his window so they could talk.

“Gordon Trucking?” The overseer must have seen the logo on the outside of the cab.

“Yeah, looking for a load of tires to go to Ford’s Chicago Assembly.” Without the next freight consignment in sight, Josh wasn’t thrilled with a shipment he could get to within his eleven-hour work limit, but he had to take what was available.

“Third berth from the back.” Mr. I’m-in-charge nodded at him briefly. “Don’t forget to sign for it and drop the papers off on your way out.”

“Sure.” Josh almost shook his head. What did the guy take him for? A rank beginner? He chuckled as he drove toward the back of the dock, having to admit that strangers often underestimated his age.

Even though he’d turned twenty-four recently, he still got carded on a regular basis. Baby-face was one of the nicer nicknames his colleagues called him. What they or anyone else thought didn’t matter though. They’d never accept him. Truckers were a tough crowd, and only the manliest of the machos really thrived in this sort of environment. He might have the muscles to show for it, but at barely six feet, he wasn’t exactly a powerful presence. Not compared to some of the guys at Gordon Trucking, or some of the men he’d run into on the highway, at the many truck stops he frequented on a regular basis.

Maneuvering the semi to connect with the trailer and making sure everything connected safely took his full attention for the next twenty minutes or so. Once done, he returned the paperwork to the overseer, made his log entry, and drove out of the factory gates. Heading back toward I-24, following the directions of his company-issue handheld GPS, he finally relaxed a little.

The stops along the interstates were almost the best feature about his job. He loved being on his own, not bothered by anyone and getting to see different parts of the country. What went on at those truck stops though, was a real job perk. It gave him a national network for hooking up and anonymous sex, basically handed to him on the proverbial silver platter.

He’d been too scared to do anything while doing intrastate jobs, irrationally afraid someone might recognize him in his home state. Coming out or being “accused” of being gay wasn’t really an option in this industry. Sure, the Gay Truckers Association offered professional advice and resources for those courageous enough to admit their sexual orientation, but the day-to-day situation? Was very much in favor of being straight, white, and preferably male. Ideally you also had lots of muscles to prove your macho-ness, and if you dressed on the scruffy side of informal, nobody was going to hold that against you either.

So anonymous sex it would have to be for him. And that, thanks to the infamous truck-stop activities, was a hell of a lot more available to him in his current job than it ever had been before. Thank God for truck chasers! He might not be their ideal trucker, but the men and women (not that he looked at them) who cruised highway rest stops looking to fulfill their trucker stud fantasies usually weren’t too worried about the way he looked. The restroom corners and stalls they frequented were half-dark most of the time anyway.

A little over five hours later, he was ready for lunch. With a Petro Stopping Center and its great restaurant right ahead, his grumbling stomach and the clock agreed it was time for a break.

Josh had planned to eat first, since he was hungrier than he’d expected. But when he went to do his business and wash his hands before looking for a seat in the restaurant, a cute twink with curly brown hair, brown eyes, and a dimpled smile caught his attention. The guy leaned against the bathroom wall, provocatively licking his lips when Josh looked up from drying his hands. Where the hell had he come from? Josh was sure nobody had been in there when he’d first entered.

“Hey.” The dimples deepened.

“Hi.” Josh threw the paper towel into the waste bin and straightened himself.

“I love truckers.”

“Do you?” His eyebrow rose on its own volition.

“Yep.” The twink gave him a slow once-over, spending extra time on his quickly swelling bulge before turning those bright brown eyes upward again.

“Are you even old enough to be here?” Shit, he couldn’t believe he’d just said that, practically ready to card the guy. But Mr. Dimples didn’t look a day over sixteen. Not really his thing, but hey, if he was old enough to know what he was doing, who was Josh to stop him? A blow job was a blow job, after all.

The twink rolled his eyes and pulled what looked like a driver’s license from his back pocket with a long-suffering sigh. Josh knew the feeling and grinned as he checked the details. Nineteen, based on the year of birth on the document. He wouldn’t be able to recognize a fake ID, but he couldn’t be expected to be that diligent, could he?

“Cool.” Josh motioned toward the stall at the end, and the eager twink almost fell over his own feet as he practically ran into it, flattening himself against the wall to let Josh enter before he locked the door.

No further words were needed. The guy went to his knees, greedy hands at Josh’s belt before he could blink. The need in the twink’s eyes and the speed with which he had belt, button, and zipper opened flattered Josh and pushed him into full hardness. He couldn’t wait to get started. The slightly forbidden nature of what they were doing only increased his libido, and a small moan escaped his lips when the twink managed to pull down Josh’s jeans and underwear in one decisive, yet careful-not-to-hurt movement.

His cock sprang up, hard enough to slap the man’s chin. The guy didn’t seem to mind. With a quick grin, he took hold of the base, stuck out his delightfully pink and moist tongue, and licked Josh from base to tip.

Man, that feels good!

The twink hummed and closed his eyes as he swirled his tongue around the tip of Josh’s cock. Shivers of delight traveled straight from his cock to his balls, settling deep in his groin with an all too familiar warmth. When his enthusiastic admirer finally closed his lips around Josh’s cock and took the top half into his hot, wet mouth, Josh had a hard time not thrusting deeply into the tight cavity. He gripped the man’s head in both hands to have something to hold on to.

The guy nodded, held on to Josh’s hips, and sucked his cock all the way down until his nose hit Josh’s pubic hair. Tightening throat muscles right where they counted, around Josh’s sensitive glans, made him tremble with arousal.

“Gahhhhh!” Josh closed his eyes and threw back his head, colliding almost painfully with the stall’s wall. “Yes!”

Encouraged, the twink started bobbing his head in earnest, sucking Josh’s cock like a pro. Josh couldn’t hold back and started fucking the man’s face. He tried very hard not to go too deep, but the temptation overwhelmed him. Add the man’s clear desire to deep throat him and Josh lost it.

The suction when he pulled back felt heavenly, and the tight seal around the tip of his cock made him a little crazy. He wasn’t going to last very long. Fuck that! With absolutely no reason to hold back, he was coming right then.

“Shit!” One last deep push and ecstasy raced from the tip of his cock all the way up his spine as he emptied his balls into the twink’s very willing throat. Holding on to the other man’s head for balance, he stood there, trembling for a few seconds before taking a deep breath and pulling out.

At moments like these, being a trucker rocked.



BY THE time he approached the outskirts of Chicago, his maximum of eleven hours of driving was almost up. Thank God he’d taken two breaks, which gave him a little more time. Those stops and traffic had made him late, but at least he now had some leeway to find a place to sleep. The factory had round-the-clock shipment facilities, so he’d be able to make his delivery any time. He was tired enough to not want to drive too much longer. Luckily, his clever GPS revealed a truck stop under a mile from his drop-off point. Not part of a chain, it still looked to have plenty of parking. That was all he needed. Well, a bed would have been nice, but Gordon Trucking didn’t have the money to buy the more expensive sleeper semis that were becoming more widely available. So, he’d be sleeping in his seat once again.

Once the delivery had been made and he’d parked at the cozy-looking truck stop, he updated his log and called the head office. He crossed his fingers for either an ongoing cargo from here or, at the very least, some freight to run back to Nashville. His bosses needed a break, and so did his income!

“Kimberly speaking.” The office manager’s voice sounded gruff as usual.

“Hi, Kimberly. It’s Joshua.” He paused to clear his throat. Please let there be some good news. “Just checking in to let you know I made the delivery and wondering if you have another job for me?”

“Sorry, but there isn’t anything out in your direction at the moment.” Kimberly paused and took a deep breath. “In fact, I’ve been told to recall you back to the office as soon as you can make it.”

“What?” Josh’s heart sped up. That had never happened before and didn’t sound good at all. So what was that request, no, it sounded more like an order, really about? Were they going to fire him?

“I know it’s very unusual but—there’ve been some major changes with the company, and the boss wants everyone back here for an announcement as soon as possible. Apparently there’s going to be a discussion of the future.”

“I don’t get it.” Josh tried to breathe deeply to help him calm down. Even the pay cut discussion had been handled with phone calls. It hadn’t felt right with something that important, not even to Josh, who liked keeping his distance from people. But the boss didn’t easily get personal, preferring long-distance communication to face-to-face contact. It had been a good match with Josh’s preferences. So, what had changed?

“I understand that, but I really can’t tell you any more than this. Everyone will be back here by the day after tomorrow. You should be too, right?” Kimberly rustled with some papers. “Ten hours rest plus eleven hours for the return drive puts you in Nashville in the early afternoon.”

“Sounds about right.” Josh could do with the extra time off. The financial issues weren’t going to go away overnight, so he might as well try to rest.

“Okay, unless you hear from me again, be at the office at ten in the morning on Thursday, please.” Kimberly coughed. “Sorry, feels like I’m getting a cold.”

“See you on Thursday.” He really had nothing else to say, so he ended the call.

Josh tossed and turned most of the night. The seat wasn’t that comfortable to begin with, and the additional worry about whatever announcement the boss planned and what it might mean didn’t help. Somehow, he had a feeling he might be looking for a new job soon.

The drive back to Nashville thankfully turned out to be uneventful. He took two breaks but wasn’t even in the mood for a rest stop encounter. Shit, he needed a life. Or more books, whichever came first. He loved reading and had been devouring fantasy and travel books as fast as his local library made them available. He preferred books since they weren’t likely to talk back or leave him, like people tended to do.

By the time he made it to the office on Thursday morning, he’d turned into a nervous wreck. He wouldn’t let on; maintaining a calm, macho façade was a necessity if he wanted to survive with his pride intact.

Most of the other drivers were already seated all over the reception area, the only place big enough to hold everyone. Someone had placed cheap folding chairs into the open spaces, making rough rows. A few more of his coworkers trickled in while he got some of the sludge they called coffee.

Josh had arrived too late to snag one of the seats on the sofa, safely at the back and away from where he thought the boss would stand to make his announcement. With a regretful sigh, he took one of the uncomfortable chairs in the second row. At least he wasn’t going to have to sit all the way up front.

At ten on the dot, the door to the manager’s office opened, and a man in a suit walked out. Josh’s mouth fell open. This guy didn’t look like his boss. He wasn’t his boss. Tall, maybe six feet, the stranger had broad shoulders and a fit body. The gray suit fit him well, and his dark blue tie made him look distinguished. He’d taken off his suit jacket and rolled up his sleeves, revealing strong, slightly hairy forearms. His black short hair looked chaotic, as if he’d raked it with his hands. The stranger, who vaguely looked like Mr. Oldfield, who used to be in charge, looked around the room with dark brown eyes that almost made Josh melt when it was his turn to make eye contact.

Finally the man moved to the spot next to the reception desk and cleared his throat. The silence that followed was immediate and deafening.

“Good morning.” The man’s voice sounded deep and warm. “My name is Robert Oldfield, and I have just bought Gordon Trucking from my parents. I thought it was only right I introduce myself and tell you about the changes I’m planning in order to return this company to some semblance of profitability.”


Chapter Two

ROBERT HAD been in a few tense situations in his life. Most recently the huge confrontation with his parents once they’d found out he’d bought their company via a broker so they wouldn’t find out who made the offer. As far as he was concerned, it was their own fault. After all they were the ones who had rejected him once he’d come out, to the point they hadn’t even spoken to him in years. They were the ones who had refused to even consider selling him the company once it became clear they were running it into the ground. By all rights it should have been his; they had told him so ever since he was old enough to understand the idea of a family-owned business. And even though he’d never expected them to just hand it over, not after the estrangement, stupidly he had hoped they’d at least offer to sell it to him before throwing it on the open market.

That hadn’t happened though, proving once more people were hypocrites and not to be trusted. Apparently even his own parents were no exception, and though it hurt more than he wanted to admit, he shouldn’t have been surprised after the way they’d treated him since knowing he preferred men and wasn’t going to provide them with the biological grandchildren they had expected.

Even after all the recent tension Robert had faced, the current situation with the company’s employees all staring at him as if he were the devil incarnate made him feel uncomfortable. Why had he thought his life couldn’t get any worse?

Truckers were a tough crowd. Robert knew that from his own experience. Seven years of working in a logistics company in New York had taught him a few things about how people’s minds worked in this industry. Now that he had to actually confront his own employees with what they would consider more bad news after the disaster of recent pay cuts, the confrontation and potential for open conflict was much more direct. His stomach twisted with apprehension.

Robert wouldn’t let that stop him though. The only way out of this mess was plunging right in and getting it over with. His parents had neglected modern technology for too long, resulting in a business that was no longer able to compete, almost driving the company into bankruptcy. No more. It didn’t really matter what the people, facing him with frowns and some outright scowls, thought, he had the business degree and work experience to prove he wasn’t an idiot. He had the funds to invest as well, thanks to a major lucky streak in the stock market and some clever investments once he’d seen the recession coming.