SAM STARED at the computer screen, cursing modern technology and fighting the urge to bang his head on the desk. He took a deep breath and forced his frustration down.

“One more time,” Sam murmured to himself, reloaded the page, and waited as patiently as he could. Then he clicked on the Send button at the end of the page.

There was a brief pause. Sam held his breath, his palms sweating. And then… the error message popped up on the screen. Again.

Sam wailed and banged his head on the desk. He wanted to scream and tear his hair out. He’d been trying to send his final assignment by the end of the day. Before Christmas. It was almost five o’clock and the page kept crashing. At this rate, he’d have to work on Christmas Day. Which wouldn’t exactly be anything new. Except he was depressed enough to be spending the holidays away from his family.

Having to work on Christmas Day would just add another terrible layer to his already miserable mood.

“Everything all right?” a familiar voice asked from above him.

Sam snapped his head up and stared slack-jawed at the man leaning against his desk. James was wearing steel gray slacks and a white button-down shirt, with the first button undone. His tan skin glowed, even underneath the fluorescent lights in the office, and his arms were crossed in front of his chest as he aimed a devastating crooked smile at Sam.

“Um… page… crash,” Sam mumbled. He resisted the urge to face-palm, but instead straightened in his chair and cleared his throat. He ignored the little red mark that was probably forming in the middle of his forehead from banging his head on the desk.

“Oh, yeah. Some of the pages have been crashing. They’re trying to figure out if it’s the servers or just how the internet works down here.”

Sam laughed, maybe a little hysterically. So he tried to cover it up with a cough. “Well, guess I’ll be working on Christmas Day, then.” Sam gave James a strained smile, trying to keep the misery from his tone.

James frowned and stepped closer. Sam automatically pushed his chair back and then immediately wished he hadn’t. It wasn’t that he minded James’s company. It was quite the opposite, really. James was sweet and polite. He always offered to help whenever someone had a problem. Not just Sam. He was like that with everyone.

Not to mention he was ridiculously attractive. All lean muscles and long limbs. His hair always looked messy, in that completely intentional way, and it somehow always looked great with the business-casual attire he wore to work.