Who We Truly Are

By Victoria Sue

Who We Truly Are Read an Excerpt
  • Release Date
  • Type Novels
  • Words 74,158
  • Pages 336
  • ISBN-13 978-1-64108-094-1

Enhanced: Book Two

Talon’s deadly abilities are spiraling out of control. Desperate to keep Finn safe, Talon struggles to protect the man he loves with all his heart and not become the greatest risk to Finn’s life.

Finn has no choice but to offer himself as bait for the evil forces kidnapping enhanced children, facing danger he is untrained and unprepared for, and he will have to do it alone. 

Does Talon have one last fight in him? Will he slay everyone who wants to destroy Finn and the team, or will he finally discover that to defeat their enemy and the ultimate threat, the biggest battle he has to face is one with himself?

Cover Artist: Paul Richmond

Series ,  

Genres Gay / Paranormal Romance / Romantic Suspense / Sci-Fi Romance