To Keep and to Love

By Serena Yates

To Keep and to Love
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  • Type Novels
  • Pages 298
  • ISBN-13 978-1-61581-303-2
  • SKU 1679

Sequel to To Find and to Keep

Ryan Johnston and Daniel Miller, reunited at Ryan's twin sister's wedding after four years of forced separation, are hoping to build a happy life together. Ryan wants nothing more than to be an equal partner to his lover, but his self-confidence is very low and his biggest fear is that he has nothing to contribute to their future. Daniel, thinking all is well now that Ryan has accepted his marriage proposal, is unprepared when their relationship is threatened.

Ryan's homophobic parents plan to break up the couple, and they let nothing stand in their way as they attack Ryan, hoping to force him to end the engagement and leave town forever. It almost works—Ryan is ready to give in to protect his lover—but Daniel isn't willing to let him go. Ryan can fight the outside forces trying to tear them apart, but only if he realizes what his fears of unworthiness are doing to the man he loves. Daniel and Ryan will have to stand together to protect their right to keep each other and their love.

Cover Artist: Catt Ford


Genres Contemporary Romance / Gay

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To Keep and to Love

To Keep and to Love


To Keep and to Love

To Keep and to Love


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