The Wishing Cup

By JM Gryffyn

The Wishing Cup
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  • Release Date
  • Type Novellas
  • Pages 103
  • ISBN-13 978-1-61581-867-9
  • SKU 2299
  • File Formats epub, lit, pdf, prc, zip

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Orphaned as a boy and brought up by the crusty, disapproving Edward Collins, Dr. David Jameson may not know much about love, but he makes up for it with an encyclopedic knowledge of Egyptian history and language. Too bad his job as linguist for a team excavating in the Valley of the Kings puts him right under Edward's nose. When the discovery of a rare artifact leads to a disagreement between guardian and ward, Jeremiah McKee, the team's American benefactor, sends no-nonsense Jake Tanner to protect his investment.

David's disappointment at not meeting McKee fades quickly in the heat of his intense desire for Tanner, who seems to be the only member of the team to give credence to his ideas. Push comes to shove when Edward discovers the burgeoning romance between David and Jake, but not everything is as it seems. Will David and Jake find more in Egypt than sand and strife? Something that, like the pyramids at Giza, will stand the test of time?

Cover Artist: Anne Cain

Genre Historical World