The Elevator Mechanic

By Serena Yates

The Elevator Mechanic
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  • Type Novellas
  • Pages 116
  • ISBN-13 978-1-63216-618-0
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A Workplace Encounters Book

Quiet elevator installer Joe Taylor craves more stability in his career, but not in his personal life. Casual sex suits him, and when he meets fitness center owner Bill Evans at a mall where they are both working, they agree on no-strings-attached weekend hookups. Both men have fought hard to escape their pasts and are afraid to commit, so the agreement works well for them—at first. But when the sex gets hotter by the weekend and a deeper connection forms, Joe and Bill wonder if a relationship is feasible, especially since Joe’s work makes it impossible for him to settle down. Joe must consider his changing priorities and decide if he can take a risk on something beyond the physical.

2nd Edition
1st Edition published by Silver Publishing, 2010.

Cover Artist: L.C. Chase


Genres Contemporary Romance / Gay