By L.A. Merrill, Jay Starre, George Loveland, Avery Vanderlyle, Asta Idonea, M.T. Aspen, Elizabeth Coldwell, Rob Rosen, Sydney Blackburn, Bell Ellis, Charles Payseur, Jessica Payseur

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  • Type Anthologies
  • Words 102,308
  • Pages 320
  • ISBN-13 978-1-63533-103-5
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Lights, camera, action!

To the average person, celebrities seem to have it all—money, fame, and droves of adoring fans lining up to fawn over them. But a life in the public eye can make romance challenging, and deep down, these guys are looking for the same thing as any other man: someone to share a steamy tryst with between acts or to ride off into the sunset with after the curtain has gone down. Luckily there are those willing to love the men behind the billboards and on-air personalities, and they’re looking for a private performance from their favorite drag queens, musicians, reality TV stars, actors, rodeo champions, and video game designers. Even superheroes and legendary defenders. Money and fame might not always equal happiness, but these celebrities will leave stars in their lovers’ eyes.

Love, Stage Left—L.A. Merrill

Rodeo Champion—Jay Starre

Marked by the Queen—George Loveland

The Ruby—Avery Vanderlyle

Pride and Panoramas—Asta Idonea

Such Beautiful Music—M.T. Aspen

Out on Stage—Elizabeth Coldwell

Shooting Star—Rob Rosen

Drastic Measures—Sydney Blackburn

Garden Variety—Bell Ellis

Defying Gravity—Charles Payseur

The Defender of Ruldan—Jessica Payseur

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Cover Artist: Anna Sikorska

Genres Contemporary Romance / Fantasy Romance / Gay / Urban Fantasy / Western Romance