Staking His Life

By Kiernan Kelly

Staking His Life
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  • Type Short Stories
  • Pages 50
  • ISBN-13 978-1-61581-503-6
  • SKU 1864
  • File Formats epub, lit, mobi, pdf, zip

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Seth is a relatively new vampire trying desperately to fit into the human world. He didn’t ask to be turned; he actually wishes he’d never laid eyes on Valerian, his sire. When Valerian surfaces unexpectedly at the local watering hole, Seth shoots down his advances, but the experience leaves Seth a nervous wreck. Vulnerable, his feelings and attraction for his hot werewolf roommate Mark explode in a night of passion, and Seth realizes they have more going for them than just being roommates. But Valerian refuses to be ignored, and Seth will have to face what he has become to save Mark and banish Valerian forever.

A part of the Dreamspinner Press 2010 Daily Dose Set, Midsummer's Nightmare, which includes 30 M/M stories of supernatural romance that may feature an edge of suspense and heart-pounding fear; a taste of the paranormal worlds of ghosts, vampires, and werewolves; and even the stuff of nightmares and dreamscapes.

Daily Dose

Genres Gay / Paranormal Romance