Quenched in Blood

By Ari McKay

Quenched in Blood
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  • Release Date
  • Type Novels
  • Words 62216
  • Pages 228
  • ISBN-13 978-1-64108-134-4

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Asheville Arcana

Will love mean rebirth… or death?

In the course of his work with the Asheville Paranormal Council, reclusive three-hundred-year-old vampire Julian Schaden discovers young Thomas Carter, the heir to a long line of demon hunters—a legacy Thomas knows nothing about.

He also knows nothing about the supernatural world or the danger he’s in. As Julian convinces him and later agrees to train Thomas to use his abilities, he struggles against unexpected feelings. Thomas is too young and innocent to become involved with Julian, but opposites attract, and this is one battle Julian is fated to lose….

Julian and Thomas grow closer as the demonic menace advances. A prophecy from a dying mage comes with a bleak warning: to save Thomas’s life, Julian might have to give up the only man he’s ever loved.

Cover Artist: Aaron Anderson

House Line ,   Series

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Genres Fantasy Romance / Gay / Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy