Oil and Water & Eye of the Dragon

By BA Tortuga

Oil and Water & Eye of the Dragon
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  • Release Date
  • Type Anthologies
  • Words 92,086
  • Pages 296
  • ISBN-13 978-1-64080-814-0

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The Wildcatters Collection

Love is an adventure.

A wildcatter is someone who drills and hopes for oil—whether there’s oil in the area or not. A risk-taker. A free spirit….

Like exuberant prankster Morgan and his cowboy, Max. Their erotic romp across the world begins when Max inherits a house in London—and might end when Morgan’s wealthy father tries to rein him in. Join them in Oil and Water.

In The Eye of the Dragon, meet Poe: geologist, fortune-hunter… horndog. He’s about to take innocent researcher Cameron on the ride of his life as they scour Utah for a priceless—and cursed—gemstone. It’ll be quite a lucrative excursion—as long as they can survive it.

Cover Artist: Alexandria Corza


Genres Contemporary / Erotic Romance / Other Paranormal