Natural Disaster

By Erin McLellan

Natural Disaster
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  • Type Novellas
  • ISBN-13 978-1-64405-707-0

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*This item has not been released and will not be available until: November 15, 2019

When two tornado chasers form a reluctant team, the pressure between them builds….

Human-interest reporter—and son of a famous storm chaser—Guthrie Gale wants nothing to do with severe weather. But his station’s director insists he join the storm chasing team, or else, and worse yet, she pairs him with hotshot rookie chaser Luke Masters.

All Luke wants is to be a part of the KTTY family, and he won’t let prickly Guthrie Gale spoil his chance. Little does he realize Guthrie’s anxiety around storms is more than justified.

As Oklahoma’s unpredictable tornado season picks up, Guthrie and Luke strike up a turbulent working relationship that shifts between lust and bickering. But when they are forced to outrun a dangerous twister, their trust is tested and the desire between them flashes quick as lightning, threatening to burn more than just their careers.

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Cover Artist: Brooke Albrecht


Genres Bisexual / Contemporary Romance / Gay