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Us Three

One Voice | Book One
2014 Award Winners

A Harmony Ink Press Title

One Voice: Book One

In his junior year at a public high school, sweet, bright Casey Minton’s biggest worry isn’t being gay. Keeping from being too badly bullied by his so-called friends, a group of girls called the Queen Bees, is more pressing. Nate De Marco has no friends, his tough home life having taken its toll on his reputation, but he’s determined to get through high school. Zander Zane’s story is different: he’s popular, a jock. Zander knows he’s gay, but fellow students don’t, and he’d like to keep it that way.

No one expects much when these three are grouped together for a class project, yet in the process the boys discover each other’s talents and traits, and a new bond forms. But what if Nate, Zander, and Casey fall in love—each with the other and all three together? Not only gay but also a threesome, for them high school becomes infinitely more complicated and maybe even dangerous. To survive and keep their love alive, they must find their individual strengths and courage and stand together, honest and united. If they can do that, they might prevail against the Queen Bees and a student body frightened into silence—and even against their own crippling fears.


Growing up in foster care has left Kerry Grey with little self-esteem or hope for his future. A college dropout, Kerry scrapes by on a part-time job at a garden nursery. His friendship with his boss and working with the plants are the only high points in Kerry’s life. He’s been dating the man who bullied him at school, but when his boyfriend abandons him at a party, Kerry wanders down the beach to drown his sorrows in a bottle of scotch.

Malcolm Holmes and Charlie Stone have been together for fifteen years. Despite Charlie's willingness to accept Malcolm's unspoken domination in bed,something is missing from their relationship. Early one morning, they rescue a passed out Kerry from being washed away by the tide and Charlie immediately senses a kindred spirit in the lost younger man. When Kerry’s roommate kicks him out, Malcolm and Charlie invite him into their home. As Charlie and Kerry bond over Charlie’s garden, Malcolm sees Kerry may be just who they have been looking for to complete their lives. All they have to do is show Kerry, and each other, that Kerry's submissive tendencies will fit their dynamic.

But someone is sabotaging Kerry at every turn. As he struggles to discover the culprit, he fears for the safety of his new friends. If Malcolm and Charlie cannot help, their lifelong search for their perfect third may not end with the happily ever after they imagined.


Sombre était la nuit

Californie équestre | Tome 2

Suite de Sombre est le cheval
Californie équestre, tome 2

À deux, c’est déjà difficile. Alors ajouter un troisième là-dedans... Je ne sais pas. Est-ce que ce n’est pas chercher les emmerdes ?

Ça n’a pas été facile, mais l’entraîneur équestre Dan Wheeler commence à se construire une nouvelle vie en Californie, avec ses amants Evan Kaminski et Jeff Stevens. Quand tout se passe bien, c’est magnifique ; affection, humour, passion. Mais tout ne se passe pas toujours au mieux.

Dan a toujours du mal à accepter la perte de son compagnon précédent, et semble douter parfois de son droit à être heureux. Evan est jaloux de chaque rival possible, y compris Jeff. Et Jeff se demande s’il n’est pas trop vieux pour les deux jeunes hommes, s’il ne devrait pas se retirer complètement. Malgré tout, Dan a commencé à s’attacher aux deux hommes. Est-ce suffisant ? Être ensemble les blesse ; mais être séparés ne les blesserait-il pas davantage ?


Feuerfuchs - Der Außenseiter Bd. 2

Der Außenseiter | Buch 2

Fortsetzung zu Sturmrappe — Der Außenseiter
Buch 2 in der Serie - Der Außenseiter

„Es ist schon zu zweit schwer genug. Wenn man noch einen Dritten dazu nimmt … ich weiß nicht, fordern wir damit nicht das Schicksal heraus?“

Es war nicht leicht, doch Pferdetrainer Dan Wheeler hat begonnen, sich ein neues Leben aufzubauen und mit seinen Liebhabern Evan Kaminski und Jeff Stevens seinen Platz in Kalifornien gefunden. Wenn alles gut läuft, ist es großartig: dann teilen sie Zuneigung, Humor und Leidenschaft. Aber leider scheint es nur selten gut zu laufen.

Dan leidet auch weiterhin unter dem Verlust seines letzten Partners und zweifelt manchmal sogar daran, dass er es verdient, glücklich zu sein. Evan ist auf jeden Nebenbuhler in Bezug auf Dan eifersüchtig – sogar auf Jeff. Und Jeff fragt sich, ob er nicht zu alt für die beiden jungen Männer ist und das Feld räumen sollte. Trotz seiner Vorsätze hat Dan Gefühle für die beiden Männer entwickelt, doch er ist nicht sicher, ob das ausreicht. Er weiß, dass das Zusammensein mit ihnen manchmal schmerzt. Nun muss er entscheiden, ob der Schmerz einer Trennung nicht noch größer wäre.


Wrath & Ruin

No More Heroes | Book Three
$6.99 $5.59

Sequel to Scratch & Sniff
No More Heroes: Book Three

Since coming to the small Arkansas town of Shove Point, superhero Push, his partner Scratch, and rehabilitated villain Wrath have encountered more than their share of problems: planes destroying the downtown area, the crushing force of giant robots, and the wrath of supervillains, to name a few. Just when life looks to be slowing down, the team finds itself facing a full-scale alien invasion.

Despite help from their friends Professor Trixter, Scarlet Queen, and Wiccan Witch, Shove Point has been cut off from the rest of civilization by otherworldly hostiles who have unleashed a new batch of horrors on its citizenry. But these surmounting obstacles are nothing to Push compared to the wars of his heart.

Fresh friction has spread within the group. Push's attraction to Wrath reaches a new high. The world may be ending, but Push would rather face that than lose the man he loves... if only he can work out just which man that is.


$6.99 $5.59

Sombre est le cheval

Californie équestre | Tome 1

Californie équestre, tome 1

Dan pourrait simplement partir, laisser tout ça derrière lui. Il a suffisamment d’argent. Il pourrait se faire envoyer ses affaires et son cheval plus tard, où qu’il soit. Partir, c’était ce qu’il faisait quand il ne pouvait plus faire face, avant. Et ça marchait.

Justin Archer est pour Dan Wheeler un collègue, un partenaire, un amour et une stabilité incomparables. Mais quand Dan se retrouve seul, à travailler comme entraîneur pour les parents de Justin, il doit accepter l’inéluctable : sa vie parfaite a disparu à jamais.

Mais il rencontre le milliardaire Evan Kaminski, venu acheter un cheval pour sa petite sœur, et Jeff Stevens, le partenaire d’Evan et l’entraîneur de sa sœur, et qui semble partager plus qu’une passion des chevaux avec Dan. Pris dans la tourmente de sa propre vie, Dan est confronté aux passions tumultueuses d’Evan et à la sagesse tranquille de Jeff. Sera-t-il assez fort pour se jeter à nouveau dans le jeu de l’amour, ou serait-il plus simple – plus sûr – de rester seul ?



Golden Collar | Book Two
Timeless Dreams
$6.99 $5.59

Golden Collar: Book Two
A Spin-off of Choices

Cyrus and Nadir first met as hungry orphans on Behekam’s streets at twelve years old. They became friends, then partners in the thievery that enabled them to survive, and as they passed their days together, they fell in love. When they are both taken as pleasure slaves in the opulent palace of the Malik of Neyem, love becomes more complicated.

Rumors of an attempt on Malik Bathasar's life put Cyrus and Nadir's relationship to the test—they must pose convincingly as intimate slaves to the young malik as part of a plan to lure the assassin into the open. Teman—Malik Bathasar’s real personal pleasure slave and true lover—was once trained by Cyrus for the same duties, and the attraction and care Cyrus developed for him then still remains. The Malik of Neyem proves an easy man to love and Nadir’s feelings for him grow while they’re pretending to love each other.

Cyrus and Nadir care deeply for each other but they’ve forgotten the first rule of love: communicate in honesty. Their love remains strong enough to weather the changes—if they have the courage not only to face the coming dangers, but to put aside deception and find their truth.

A Timeless Dreams title: While reaction to same-sex relationships throughout time and across cultures has not always been positive, these stories celebrate M/M love in a manner that may address, minimize, or ignore historical stigma.


$6.99 $5.59
$6.99 $5.59

Don Jenkins will do anything for a happy, thriving family and home, but keeping his farm going is a constant challenge. He’s always depended on Griff McAllister, his partner and first love, to support him in his work and in his need to submit in the bedroom. When he discovers Griff might be losing faith in him, he’s at a loss for how to mend the relationship. Then Howard Campbell—a man Don and Griff both love beyond words—is added to the mix. With jealousy threatening their bond and the viability of the farm in question, Don’s dreams begin to crumble.

Nearly losing Howard in an accident serves as a wakeup call. They begin to pull their relationship out of the muck and work to remember why they came together in the first place. If they can figure out how to help one another and balance the dynamics of dominance and submission between them so each man gets what he needs, the trio might build the loving future they’ve dared to hope for. They must be brave enough to commit every resource they can muster—especially trust, understanding, and acceptance—and realize true love is never as easy as it looks.


$6.99 $5.59

Sturmrappe — Der Außenseiter

Der Außenseiter | Buch 1

Buch 1 in der Serie - Der Außenseiter

Dan spielt mit dem Gedanken, einfach weiterzufahren und das Ganze hinter sich zu lassen. Geld hat er genug. Er könnte sich seine Sachen und sein Pferd einfach irgendwohin nachschicken lassen, wo auch immer Irgendwo wäre. Er ist daran gewöhnt, abzuhauen, wenn ihm alles zuviel wird und bis jetzt hat das ziemlich gut funktioniert.

Dan Wheeler hatte geglaubt, mit Justin Archer, seinem Partner im Leben und im Beruf, auf Dauer Liebe und Stabilität gefunden zu haben. Doch als er plötzlich wieder allein ist und weiterhin als Pferdetrainer für Justins Eltern arbeitet, muss er akzeptieren, dass sein perfektes Leben für immer verloren ist.

Dann lernt er den Milliardär Evan Kaminski kennen, der auf der Suche nach einem Pferd für seine jüngere Schwester ist, und Evans Liebhaber Jeff Stevens, einen Pferdetrainer, der mehr zu verstehen scheint als nur Dans Arbeit. Während er versucht, mit den Veränderungen in seinem Leben zurechtzukommen, fühlt Dan sich sowohl zu Evans ungestümer Leidenschaft als auch zu Jeffs ruhiger Weisheit hingezogen. Ist Dan stark genug, um der Liebe noch einmal eine Chance zu geben oder wäre es besser – und sicherer – für ihn, allein zu bleiben?


Tag Team

Guards of Folsom | Book Two

Guards of Folsom: Book Two

Following the death of their sub, the former owners of the Guards of Folsom, Robert “Bobby” Alcott and Rig Beckworth, were left to pick up the pieces as best they could. After seven years, these two Doms are ready to move on and find the boy who will complete them. Their painful past comes crashing back when they meet Mason Howard, a submissive who just weeks ago lost his Doms in a car accident.

Reeling from overwhelming grief that’s complicated by a severe social anxiety disorder, Mason can barely leave his home. When Rig and Bobby find him, he’s hit rock bottom, believing life is no longer worth living. Bobby and Rig set out to prove the younger man wrong. Fate has brought the three men together, but they’ll have to face the pain of fear and loss head-on before they can all truly live again.


After fifty years of searching for his lost brother, vampire David Derringer attempts the unimaginable: he bends his knee in prayer. While he doesn’t believe, his mother’s faith was strong, and her final request—a request made the night she and David died—keeps David on the path to his younger brother, Danny, despite the many obstacles.

David doesn’t expect his prayer to be answered. He certainly doesn’t expect an angel to intercede on his behalf.

Jophiel is tasked not only with helping David find his brother but with saving David’s soul. It seems like an impossible assignment meant to punish him, especially when they must face the Brotherhood of St. Rocco, an organization dedicated to eradicating vampires.

But David has a chance to prove he’s not like other vampires when he meets Arthur, a young man with a secret and a death wish. Following a very steamy encounter, Arthur expects to be bitten. David never even drops his fangs. Which is a good thing, since Arthur might be the key to finding Danny before it’s too late.


After twenty years with Nathan, pro baseball player Bobby Lane doesn’t know how to be single. His husband’s death hits him hard. Bobby thinks his life is over—so the cryptic postcards from his dead husband come as something of a surprise.

The postcards lead Bobby on a quest into the heart of Texas and to the doorstep of Odis Vorleik, a sculptor who hasn't stepped foot inside his studio in nearly a year. But as Odis and Bobby grow closer, it becomes clear that Bobby didn’t know Nathan as well as he thought—and that Nathan foresaw some of Bobby's future.

After a trip back home to sort out legal business, Bobby returns to Texas only to be confronted by Tuck Krickson, a local sheriff. Apparently Bobby isn’t the only one carrying a torch for Odis, and Odis isn’t the only one who makes Bobby feel alive again. This can’t be what Nathan intended….



2013 Award Winners

Justin Jimenez has loved his partner, Spencer Harrison, for ten years. He’ll do anything for him—including bury his feelings for a man he met while he and Spencer were separated last year. Justin never planned to fall in love, and he certainly never planned to tell Spencer about it—but when a phone call wakes them in the middle of the night to inform Justin that his former lover, Dutch Keller, has been in an accident, he doesn’t have a choice.

Justin’s revelation shatters the fragile relationship he and Spencer were trying to rebuild. The weight of his guilt—both for hurting Spencer and for leaving a heartbroken Dutch to find solace in a bottle—crushes him. But what Justin doesn't know is that Spencer and Dutch guard an explosive secret of their own. All three men are tangled in a communal web of lies, and unless they find the events in their lives that ultimately led them to friendship, passion, and betrayal, they won't see the love at the heart of the pain.


Genie's Wish

Lifting the Veil | Book Two

Sequel to The Wolfing Way
Lifting the Veil: Book Two

Ten years ago, the Great Unveiling revealed the presence of supernatural beings living on Earth. But the residents of the ruined city discovered in Majlis al-Jinn are long dead—or so junior archaeologist Pip Butler thought until he accidentally unleashed a very naked genie named Jinn.

Even though he’s been shyly pining for his charismatic supervisor, Val Velde, Pip has a hard time refusing Jinn’s flirtatious advances. He barely has time to even consider the fact that he has an all-powerful genie and three glorious wishes at his fingertips when ruthless mercenaries sweep down on the dig to collect the most valuable artifact of all—Jinn’s lamp.

So Pip, Val, and Jinn have to work together in a race against the clock to discover the secrets of the ancient city, free their captive colleagues, and keep Jinn from the mercenaries’ clutches—all while trying to sort out their romantic tangle.


Un cavallo nell’ombra

Un cavallo nell'ombra | Libro 1

Serie Un cavallo nell'ombra, Libro 1

Dan pensa all’idea di continuare semplicemente a guidare, lasciando tutti i casini alle spalle. Ha abbastanza denaro per farlo. Si potrebbe organizzare, fare arrivare il suo cavallo e le sue cose dove deciderà di fermarsi. D’altra parte, andarsene è quello che ha sempre fatto, ogni volta che le cose sono diventate troppo difficili – e, davvero, è sempre andata bene così.

Dan Wheeler pensava di aver trovato un equilibrio e un amore che sarebbero durati in eterno con Justin Archer, suo partner nella vita e nel lavoro. Ma quando Dan, continuando a lavorare alle dipendenze dei genitori di Justin come addestratore di cavalli, si trova tragicamente di nuovo da solo, deve riuscire ad accettare che la sua vita perfetta è irrimediabilmente scomparsa.

È qui che entrano in scena il miliardario Evan Kaminski, arrivato alla scuderia con l’intenzione di comprare un cavallo alla sorella minore, e l’amante di Evan, Jeff Stevens, che sembra capire non solo in che cosa consista il lavoro di Dan, ma molto di più. Mentre lotta per cercare di affrontare tutti gli sconvolgimenti nella sua vita, Dan si ritrova, suo malgrado, attratto sia dall’intensa ma imprevedibile passionalità di Evan, sia dalla quieta saggezza di Jeff. Riuscirà Dan ad essere forte abbastanza da rischiare di dare una possibilità a questo nuovo amore, o deciderà invece che per lui sia meglio – più sicuro – rimanere da solo?


When Christian first meets Jordan and Ezra, they're all young and lucky, thrown together in a journalist internship that cements their friendship for life. But when the internship ends, everything falls apart.

Christian has always loved Jordan, though he’s sure he doesn't have a chance. By Jordan's wedding, Christian has feelings for Ezra too. Then Ezra leaves on a foreign assignment, and Christian resigns himself to loneliness and concentrates on his job.

But his professional success comes with crushing personal blows. When an accident kills Jordan's wife, Christian becomes Jordan’s only support. Months spent so close to him take their toll on Christian’s heart. Then Ezra finally comes home and Christian realizes he has to make a choice: give up on both of them and try to move on… or take a chance that's risky, crazy—and his only shot.


Caballo oscuro

Caballo Oscuro | Volumen 1

Volumen 1 de la serie Caballo Oscuro

Dan solo piensa en conducir y dejar atrás todo ese lío. Tiene suficiente dinero. Podría arreglar el envío de sus cosas y de su caballo a dondequiera que vaya. Cuando las cosas se volvían difíciles de soportar, el acostumbraba marcharse y en realidad, siempre le había funcionado muy bien.

Dan Wheeler pensó que había encontrado amor y estabilidad en su vida y con su pareja, Justin Archer. Pero cuando Dan se encuentra otra vez solo, trabajando aún como entrenador de caballos para los padres de Justin, tiene que encontrar el modo de aceptar que su vida perfecta ya no existe.

Luego conoce al billonario Evan Kaminski, quien viene a comprar un caballo para su joven hermana y a Jeff Stevens, el amante de Evan, entrenador de caballos que parece entender algo más que el trabajo de Dan. Luchando para manejar todos los trastornos de su vida, Dan se encuentra atraído hacia ambos, la pasión mercurial de Evan y la tranquila sabiduría de Jeff. ¿Es Dan lo suficientemente fuerte como para aprovechar la oportunidad de un nuevo amor, o sería mejor –más seguro- para él permanecer solo?


Of Dark and Bright

Dark Horse Series | Book Three

Sequel to Out of the Darkness
Dark Horse: Book Three

Jeff, Evan, and Dan have been living happily together for the past two years. They still have problems, especially between Evan and Dan, but they’re mostly able to convert the interpersonal disagreements to sexual tension—and then resolve it—so nobody’s complaining.

Then Dan’s long-lost sister shows up seven months pregnant and on the run from the law, and the situation goes from complicated to overwhelming. Jeff and Evan want to help, but with Evan fearful for his own sister’s safety and Jeff struggling to keep his health issues under wraps, they’re a little distracted. As Dan's sister struggles with her past, Evan's seems intent on gambling with her future. With emotions and family ties pulling them in different directions, the threesome have to hold together—or the people they love may tear them apart.