Leap of Faith

By Jackie Keswick

Leap of Faith
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  • Release Date
  • Type Novellas
  • Words 41,762
  • Pages 125
  • ISBN-13 978-1-63533-409-8
  • File Formats epub, mobi, pdf

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Close friends and partners at FireWorks Security, Joel Weston and Kieran Ross know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. They have each other’s backs, make a formidable team, and carefully ignore their volatile chemistry.  

When Kieran struggles with the aftermath of an assignment gone wrong, Joel is there to help. When Joel is caught in an explosion, Kieran jumps into a burning marina to rescue the man who means so much to him. But they never discuss what’s closest to their hearts, not prepared to risk their friendship for the mere possibility of something more.  

Faced with bombs, assassins, and old ghosts, Joel and Kieran must find out why they’re targets, who is coming after them, and—most of all—how each would feel if he lost the other. Should they continue as best friends, or is it time to take a leap of faith?

Cover Artist: Garrett Leigh

Genres Gay / Mystery/Suspense / Romantic Suspense