Lawyers in Love

By Ari McKay

Lawyers in Love
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  • Type Anthologies
  • Words 86709
  • Pages 248
  • ISBN-13 978-1-64080-109-7

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Lawyers In Love: The Collection

When it comes to love, the trials aren’t only in the courtroom.

The legal profession is a challenging—and often stressful—one, and all work and no play leads to frustration for the men who dedicate their lives to justice. Luckily they find time to let off steam as things heat up in both the courtroom and behind the scenes. A secret holiday admirer might lead to a friend turned lover. A romantic confession might help a closeted man escape his father’s control and find happiness on his own terms. A former district attorney wants to help his workaholic boss relax, but his boss thinks he’s a paid escort! Along the way, these hardworking men might make partner… or better yet, find a partner to love and their own happily ever after when the gavel falls.

Includes Santa's Naughty Helper, Fortune’s Slings and Cupid’s Arrows, and Heart of Glass.


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Santa's Naughty Helper published by Torquere Press, 2012, published by Dreamspinner Press, July 2017. Fortune’s Slings and Cupid’s Arrows published by Torquere Press, February 2013, published by Dreamspinner Press, November 2017. Heart of Glass: Previously Published by Dreamspinner Press September 3, 2018.

Cover Artist: Bree Archer


Genres Contemporary Romance / Gay / Holiday Romance