Ice Heart

By Kay Ellis

Ice Heart
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  • Release Date
  • Type Short Stories
  • Pages 40
  • ISBN-13 978-1-62380-829-7
  • SKU 3931
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Jack Holloway loves two things: Aaron Stone and hockey. Unfortunately, he refuses to acknowledge the first and lets his temper rule the second. He’s turned his life into a list of “can’ts.” He can’t talk with his parents, can’t hold down a job, can’t stay out of trouble, and can’t let go of his reputation as a tough guy on the ice—even if it might cost him his career. Most of all, he can’t admit he has fallen in love with another man. If Jack doesn’t knock that chip off his shoulder, he’s going to lose it all. If he can accept himself and Aaron and stop hiding, he might be able to finally win something bigger than a timeout in the penalty box.

Cover Artist: Catt Ford

Daily Dose

Genre Contemporary Romance