Fire Tango

By Hayley B. James, Hayley B James

Fire Tango
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  • Type Novels
  • Pages 326
  • ISBN-13 978-1-62380-130-4
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Sequel to Water Waltz
Elemental Attraction: Book Two

Devil Fremont’s unwillingness to divulge even the smallest details of his past makes building a relationship with his lover, Leandre, a struggle. Doubt and frustration tear at the couple and put their bond to the test when Fremont’s secrets find him after his ten years in exile and force him home to Spezia to face serious charges.

Whatever mysteries Fremont has buried, Leandre does not believe murder is one of them—though his waiting fiancé is a surprise. As Fremont trusts his lover with his past, a second murder throws him deeper into the law’s hands.

Desperate to save Fremont, Leandre searches for the truth. But the conspiracy he uncovers goes deeper than he ever imagined. With Fremont’s time running out, Leandre must act quickly to reveal the true culprit before he loses his bond mate for good.

Cover Artist: Shobana Appavu


Genres Gay / Paranormal Romance / Romantic Suspense

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Fire Tango

Fire Tango


Fire Tango

Fire Tango


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