Dreamspinner Press Year Six Greatest Hits

By Lisa M. Owens, R. Cooper, Xavier Mayne, Mary Calmes, JD Ruskin

Dreamspinner Press Year Six Greatest Hits
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  • ISBN-13 978-1-63476-615-9
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Enjoy a selection of the greatest hits of gay romance published by Dreamspinner Press combined into one exclusive volume: by Mary Calmes: Frog, in which one man must convince his love that the home the other’s been searching for has always been right there, with him; by R. Cooper: A Boy and His Dragon, a romantic fantasy featuring a man in dragon form falling for his archivist employer; by Lisa M. Owens: Worth the Coming Home, two men's romance threatened when their secrets and fears are exposed; by Xavier Mayne: Frat House Troopers, the story of an undercover operation forcing state trooper partners out of their comfort zone and into each other's heart; and by JD Ruskin: When One Door Opens, in which one man's heart can't make him stay away from his client despite their individual host of problems.

Cover Artist: Paul Richmond

Genres Contemporary / Mystery/Suspense / Werewolves/Shapeshifters / Western