Dreamspinner Press Year Eight Greatest Hits

By J.H. Knight, S.E. Harmon, Renae Kaye, SJD Peterson, Brandon Witt

Dreamspinner Press Year Eight Greatest Hits
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  • Pages 1152
  • ISBN-13 978-1-63476-616-6
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Enjoy a selection of the greatest hits of gay romance published by Dreamspinner Press combined into one exclusive volume: by J.H. Knight: The Last Thing He Needs, the story of a tentative relationship facing daily challenges and tragedy; by S.E. Harmon: Stay With Me, where a PI finds the man of his dreams in his newest client; by Renae Kaye: The Blinding Light, a romance pairing a smartmouth housekeeper and his rude, fussy client; by SJD Peterson: BAMF, with its self-proclaimed protector who wants to be a hero for a mild-mannered librarian; and by Brandon Witt: Then the Stars Fall, in which life has other plans for a widower rancher and the vet trying to push life away.

Cover Artist: Paul Richmond

Genres Contemporary / Mystery/Suspense