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A Harmony Ink Press Title

Stranded. Hopeless. Trapped. No one to turn to and no way to reach the freedom just beyond his grasp….

That’s how Chris Talberman feels when his family moves to an isolated New England coastal town and leaves him alone to care for his severely autistic sister, Cece.

Chris knows how the dolphins stranded in the cove near his home must feel—he understands their struggle better than he can express. But the tragic event has a silver lining. It’s there, while chasing his sister, that Chris meets Noah, a boy his age who is as kind and handsome as he is fascinating. Not only has Chris found the friend he needed, but the possibility for love—

Until Chris’s mother abandons the family and Noah reveals his own hidden pain. Now Chris must care for the person he thought would care for him.



Klar wie Kloßbrühe

Geschichten aus dem Kuriosen Kochbuch

Eine Geschichte aus dem kuriosen Kochbuch

Emmett Gant hatte sich fest vorgenommen, seinem Vater eines Sonntags etwas sehr Wichtiges zu erzählen – doch sein Vater war gestorben, ehe er dazu kam. Jetzt, drei Jahre später, kann Emmett sich einfach nicht darüber klar werden, mit wem er zusammen sein soll – mit dem Mädchen mit den Apfelbäckchen und der wunderbaren Familie? Oder mit Keegan, seinem scharfzüngigen Nachbarn, der seine Familie nie besucht, aber Emmett sehr glücklich macht, wenn er nur auf einen Schwatz rüberkommt? 

Emmett braucht Klarheit. 

Zu Emmetts Glück hat die Mutter seines besten Freundes ein Kochbuch, das ihm Erkenntnis und gutes Essen verspricht. Emmett ist fasziniert. Und als ihm das Kochbuch nach Hause folgt, beschließen Emmett und Keegan, das Rezept „Für Klarheit“ nachzukochen. Was sich daraus ergibt, ist einerseits völlig klar, aber andererseits auch ein bisschen überraschend – vor allem für Emmetts Freundin. Emmett wird ganz scharf über seine Vergangenheit und die wichtigen Dinge, die er seinem Vater zu sagen versäumt hat, nachdenken müssen, wenn er das Rezept für Liebe jemals richtig hinkriegen will.



L'épreuve du feu

Dreamspun Desires (Français) | #6

Un Australien. Un Texan. Un bébé. Une sacrée bagarre. 

Quand sa sœur et son beau-frère meurent dans un accident, Lachlan McCoughey, propriétaire d’un ranch d’élevage bovin australien, se précipite au Texas pour sauver leur petite fille, Chloé. Il s’attend à trouver sa nièce vivant dans la misère avec les Sheffield, une ‘famille de rodéo’. 

Au lieu de cela, Lachlan tombe sur Holden Sheffield, un cowboy généreux et honnête qui gère une énorme entreprise commerciale. Ils meurent d’envie d'explorer leur attirance mutuelle, en dépit des nombreuses embûches qui encombrent leur chemin et, ensemble, ils devront trouver un moyen d’offrir à Chloé une nouvelle famille et de s’aimer, malgré des milliers d’ares et deux continents.



Vagabondo  fin dall’adolescenza, Jimmy Dorsett non ha né casa né speranze. Possiede solo un borsone, delle storie e un vecchio catorcio. In una fredda notte nel deserto, dà un passaggio a un autostoppista che gli lascia un’altra cosa: la lettera scritta da un uomo che sta per morire al figlio che non vede da anni.

Nel tentativo di consegnare la lettera, Jimmy arriva a Rattlesnake, una cittadina ai piedi delle Sierras californiane. Al centro del paese c’è il Rattlesnake Inn, dove il bel barista è Shane Little, un ex cowboy. Tra loro scoppia la scintilla, e quando la macchina di Jimmy esala l’ultimo respiro, Shane gli trova un lavoro come tuttofare alla locanda.

Nella comunità di Rattlesnake e tra le braccia di Shane, Jimmy trova una pace a lui sconosciuta ma che non può durare. La strada continua a chiamarlo, e di sicuro Shane – un uomo forte e orgoglioso, con un passato doloroso e un presente difficile – merita di più di un vagabondo bugiardo che non riesce a stare fermo a lungo nello stesso posto.



A Thornwood Novel

Needy. Obsessive. Clingy. Twenty-five-year-old Eli Walker has heard it all. That’s why he doesn’t bother calling back the guys he’s been with anymore. Sex should be about fun, not a relationship, and no one has complained about him getting overly attached in years. If only he actually felt wanted for once instead of empty and used when guys are done with him.

Grayson Pendleton is a wealthy business consultant with clients all over the world. His life is often glamorous, but it leaves him no time for a relationship, and at forty-eight, he’s starting to notice the lack of romance in his life. His only romantic connection is Eli, but they’re just two guys who have sex occasionally. It took him months to get Eli’s first name, and even now they only communicate through a hookup app.

When Grayson inherits a house in Thornwood, Colorado, it’s one more thing he doesn’t need in his life, and he knows he won’t be there enough to enjoy it. Still, the old house has the potential to be a home, and more importantly, it gives Grayson a chance to save Eli when he needs it most.


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The men of the CalPac rowing team might not be looking for love, but love never needed an invitation. In Rocking the Boat, Coach Nick Bedford is trying his best to ignore his attraction to rower Morgan Estrada, but Morgan isn’t afraid to push for what he wants… until an anonymous complaint could destroy everything. In Tipping the Balance, Drew St. Charles is juggling one too many jobs, and he finds help in contractor Brad Sundstrom, but Brad has to make a choice: come out and support Drew or stay hidden in the closet.

In Burning It Down, after an injury, fire battalion chief Owen Douglas joins the adaptive rowing program and meets veterinarian Adam Lennox. But when Owen’s abusive ex returns, Adam has to decide if he’s willing to leave Owen to protect him or risk their lives to stand with him. And in Settling the Score, Stuart Cochrane and Philip Sundstrom’s relationship seems perfect, until pressure threatens to make everything cave in. Can Philip help Stuart while dealing with his own problems?


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Huxley carries invisible scars from a near-fatal car accident. He sleepwalks through a job at his father’s company, marking time until he can quit and pursue his own dreams. 

Everything changes the moment he makes eye contact with a stranger while riding to work. It’s as if he’s been shaken out of his stupor, and Huxley vows to find the man.

Thanks to a thieving ex-lover, Paul’s florist shop is on the brink of closing down. He needs to milk Valentine’s Day for all it’s worth—and the irony that a day dedicated to love might help undo the damage of a failed relationship is not lost on him.

When Huxley finds Paul at his shop, both men feel an instant attraction. Before long, they’re falling hard, but Huxley holds back. If Paul knew all the baggage he’s carrying, he might run.

Paul’s gut tells him Huxley is hiding something. Huxley looks like a keeper, but Paul can’t go through another disastrous romance.

When Valentine’s Day arrives, will they have anything to celebrate?



Ricette per chiarire

Il curioso ricettario di Nonna B

Un libro della serie Il curioso ricettario di Nonna B

Una domenica mattina, Emmett Gant esce di casa deciso a confessare al padre una cosa importante, ma scopre che l’uomo è venuto a mancare. Ora, a quasi tre anni di distanza, il giovane non riesce a capire con chi stare: la ragazza dalle guanciotte da criceto e la famiglia numerosa, o Keegan, il vicino di casa che, pur non avendo una famiglia, lo rende felice con la sua sola presenza?

Ci vuole qualcosa per schiarirsi le idee.

Per fortuna, la mamma del suo migliore amico possiede un libro di ricette capaci di snebbiare le menti più confuse, e Emmett ne viene subito conquistato. Quando il libro lo segue fino a casa, lui e il vicino decidono di preparare un piatto “per chiarire”, e quello che segue è davvero chiarissimo – e forse anche un po’ sorprendente, soprattutto per la sua ragazza. Emmett dovrà quindi riflettere sul passato e sulla cosa importante che voleva confessare al padre, se non vuole rischiare di rovinare la ricetta per l’amore perfetto.



The Teddy Bear Club

The Teddy Bear Club
Dreamspun Desires | #39

The Teddy Bear Club

Two lonely men. One perfect family.

Aiden Lake adopted his institutionalized sister’s two daughters, and he’s a good dad. He works nights on websites and gets in his adult time twice a week at the Roasty Bean, where he meets with other single gay parents.

Devon Smithson wants to be a good dad now that his sixteen-year-old sister asked him to babysit her newborn… three months ago. But he’s overwhelmed with the colicky baby. An invitation to the daddy-and-kid gatherings at the café is a godsend. The pot is sweetened when his friendship with Aiden develops into more—maybe even something that can last.

But the mother who kicked Dev out for being gay wants to get her claws into the baby, and she doesn’t care if she tears Dev, Aiden, and everything they’re building apart in the process.



Matt Bowers’s life ended at sixteen, when a vicious betrayal by someone who he should have been able to trust left him a shell of himself, fighting OCD and PTSD, living in constant fear and always running. When he buys a remote tract of land, he thinks he’s found the perfect place to hide from the world and attempt to establish some peace. For ten years he believes he’s found a measure of comfort, until the day a stranger begins to run on Matt’s road.

He returns every day, an unwelcome intrusion into Matt’s carefully structured life. Matt appeals to the local sheriff, who cannot help him since the jogger is doing nothing wrong. Gradually, after tentatively breaking the ice, Matt begins to accept the man’s presence—

But when the runner doesn’t show up one day, it throws Matt’s world into chaos and he must make the hardest decision of his life.




London Lads
Perchance to Dream

2nd Edition

A London Lads Story

Ever wanted to spy secretly on other people’s lives?

Ken doesn’t have a choice: his student summer job is manning the CCTV screens for the new central London shopping mall. But instead of spotting criminals or vandals, he becomes fascinated by a cute waiter from the local bistro who sneaks out to the backyard for his break—and plays sexy to the camera.

Is he an old friend, or just an anonymous exhibitionist? Should Ken be excited by this naughty peepshow, or will people think he’s a voyeuristic pervert? Poor Ken’s confused and thrilled in turn. It’s like living in one of the movies he’s studying at university. He knows the man can’t see him, yet Ken feels a connection of some kind. It all encourages Ken to continue with his guilt-ridden Waiter Watch.

Ken bears the suspense as long as he can, until a chance meeting and an abortive blind date provide the explanation to the secret assignations. But will this guide Ken to a real-life chance of romance?

First Edition published by Amber Quill Press/Amber Allure, 2013.



Kaden Thorn, un chirurgo dentale con una vita tranquilla, non crede che troverà l’amore che tanto desidera. Un attacco omofobo gli è costato l’uso delle gambe, confinandolo su una sedia a rotelle. Ha perso la speranza di incontrare un Dom, o anche solo un compagno con preferenze più convenzionali, che lo ami. Quando la sua migliore amica lo costringe a partecipare a una cena, l’ultima cosa che si aspetta è di conoscere un Dom determinato che riesce a vedere al di là della sua carrozzina.

Deacon James è un architetto e un Dom esigente, ma ha passato gli ultimi due anni senza un sottomesso o un compagno. Quando un suo impiegato lo invita a una cena per conoscere la fidanzata, Deacon fiuta una trappola, ma accetta comunque. Si vanta di essere bravo a giudicare le persone, e quando incontra il giovane dentista, vede oltre la sua disabilità e trova un adorabile sottomesso che suscita in lui qualcosa di più di un semplice interesse.

I demoni e le paure che perseguitano Kade costituiscono per Deacon una sfida a usare tutto quello che ha imparato come Dom per guadagnare la sua fiducia e la sua sottomissione. Ma Deacon è determinato e combatterà per avere Kade al suo fianco e ai suoi piedi.



Road Trip Collection

The road to love is notoriously bumpy, full of twists and turns that can throw even the best driver. With obstacles around every corner, Sonny and MJ try to keep it between the lines in two tales that blend steamy romance with high-stakes action and intrigue.


Racing the Moon

Sonny runs moonshine the old-fashioned way. Too bad some fool blew up his road in the Carolina mountains, keeping him stuck, high and unfortunately dry.

Explosives expert and ecoterrorist MJ’s mission is to protect the environment by shutting down a logging company. An encounter with Sonny in the misty forest sheds a new light on his quest, but it’s not until Sonny drugs and kidnaps him for an impromptu holiday that their engines really start to rev.


Steam and Sunshine

A mission they can’t resist lures Sonny and MJ out of retirement when they get word of a man creating dangerous weapons for the government. They head to California to take him down.

What they find is Paddy, a physicist who doesn’t understand the scope of his own discovery, and Neil, his bodyguard. During a wild and unpredictable cross-country ride, an uneasy partnership develops between kidnappers and targets when the four men discover they have a common enemy.


First Edition of Racing the Moon published by Torquere Press, 2006.

Second Edition of Racing the Moon published by Torquere Press, 2007.

First Edition of Steam and Sunshine published by Torquere Press, 2007.



The Rhubarb Patch

The Men of Gilead

A Men of Gilead Novel

City boy, sci-fi novelist, and recovering pushover Scott Howe doesn’t know what to expect when he inherits his grandmother’s house outside the quaint village of Gilead, Ohio—but it isn’t an enormous bald man in nothing but tighty-whities and orange rubber boots shouting at him to keep his weed whacker away from the rhubarb patch.

Scott has never met anyone like Phineas Robertson: homesteader, recluse… Republican. A tender—if unlikely—friendship grows over the summer while Phin and his schnauzer, Sister Mary Katherine, teach Scott about life in the country and the grandmother he never knew. Opposites attract, but widower Phin worries his secret will send Scott running faster than his politics, and Phin isn’t convinced he deserves a second chance at romance.

Scott is convinced—rural life, and his one-of-a-kind older neighbor, are the future he wants. Before he can settle in, his mother drops a bombshell that strains their already tenuous relationship, and a cousin who believes he is the rightful heir to the property puts Scott in danger. It’ll take a lot of compromises, and even dodging a few bullets before they’re out of the weeds, but nurturing something as special as true love always takes hard work.



Hagen Wylie has it all figured out. He’s going to live in his hometown, be everybody’s friend, explore new relationships, and rebuild his life after the horrors of war. No muss, no fuss is the plan. He’s well on his way—until he finds out his first love has come home too. Hagen says it’s no big deal, but a chance encounter with Mitch Thayer’s two cute sons puts him directly in the path of the only guy he’s never gotten out of his head.

Mitch returned for three reasons: to raise his sons where he grew up, to move his furniture business and encourage it to thrive, and to win Hagen back. Years away made it perfectly clear the young man he loved in high school is the only one for him. The problem? He left town and they have not talked since.

If Hagen’s going to trust him again, Mitch needs to show him how he’s grown up and isn’t going to let go. They could have a new chance at love… but Hagen is insistent he’s not reviving a relationship with Mitch. Then again, you never know.



An American in Venice

World of Love | Italy

Tom has always been steady and predictable—a formula he’s sure will lead him to success in his career. When his method fails him and he loses his job, he throws caution to the wind for the first time in his life and books a European holiday.

Maybe Tom shouldn’t be surprised that Cupid’s arrow finds him in one of the most romantic cities in the world: Venice, Italy. When he encounters Giovanni working in the family pizzeria, it’s lust at first sight. Their time together touring the city is so magical it feels like a dream. But Tom is shy while Giovanni is charming and flirtatious. Tom has a newfound freedom with his unemployment, while family burdens weigh heavily on Giovanni. Add culture differences and miscommunication into the mix, and their brief romance might fade as quickly as the beautiful dream it resembles.


World of Love: Stories of romance that span every corner of the globe.



Eight years ago, Ondro Smrek fled Slovakia and the bigotry that drove his first lover to take his own life. The demons proved impossible to outrun, though, and now, desperate for somewhere to belong, Ondro is returning to start over. During a layover in Basel, Switzerland, he meets Jamie, an American living in Scotland who is as brilliant as he is beautiful.

Jaded Ondro never would have guessed he could fall in love during a brief layover—until now. When he is put in a position to offer Jamie comfort without hope of recompense, Ondro doesn’t hesitate. Soon, he catches a glimpse of the home he longs for. But with their separation looming, confessing his feelings would only lead to pain and humiliation. Life has taught Ondro not to hope, but then, he never believed in love at first sight either....



À Sunset Park

Les quartiers de New York

Les quartiers de New York, numéro hors série

Si Raymond Rodriguez a passé sa jeunesse à esquiver les responsabilités, ce n’est plus possible. Son frère aîné souhaite s’installer avec son compagnon. Raymond doit s’assumer et se trouver un appartement. 

Quand David Butler, gay et fier de l’être, lui propose une colocation, Raymond accepte, à défaut d’autre chose. 

Sur presque tous les points, ils sont différents – David est un caucasien BCBG du Connecticut, Raymond, un docker latino du Queens – ils partagent néanmoins une solide amitié qui surprend tout le monde. Pourtant, leur relation paraît sans ambivalence, car Raymond a toujours caché sa curiosité bisexuelle. 

Une fois sous le même toit, les deux hommes passent à l’acte, mettant vite en péril leur entente jusque-là sans nuages. Peu à peu, leurs différences fondamentales, exacerbées par la tension sexuelle et la frustration, finissent par les séparer. 

En plus de sa nouvelle indépendance, Raymond doit accepter ses sentiments. 

Dans le cas contraire, il risque de perdre David.